What Should We Do in Order to Speak Persian Well?

In order to speak Farsi well, you need a correct native model to follow. In the same way that kids acquire their language by imitating their parents and others around them, you can learn Persian through regular exposure to native Persian content (text, audio, video) and interaction with a teacher or friends. Before you choose a native model to focus on, you may like to consider the tips provided below:

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1. Choose to use Persian wherever possible

You will face several situations in which you have a choice of either using Persian or your native language. If you choose to let your native language dominate, your fluency in Persian will suffer as a result. Step outside your comfort zone and use your Persian whenever you have the opportunity! Even if you don’t speak Persian perfectly, everyone will appreciate your effort and you will improve with time.

2. Read only in Persian

To help with visually understanding the Persian language, try to read only in Persian. Purchase newspapers, books, and magazines only in Persian. Go to Persian websites and read web articles and websites contents in Persian.

  • Try changing the language settings on your social media to Persian.
  • Learning the sounds of the Persian alphabet is helpful for reading the language.

3. Use translation to your advantage

Some teachers discourage their students from translating to and from their mother tongue. This can be because the teacher feels uncomfortable with a language they do not understand or it can be because they believe students should understand Persian through Persian. Actually, this approach fails to recognize the benefits of limited mother tongue usage when learning another language. Quick translation to and from the student’s mother tongue can save a lot of time and using a detailed bilingual dictionary usually helps build a better understanding of what different words mean in each language and how they may overlap or differ.

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4. Practice writing in Persian

Being able to write in Persian proves that you are learning it. Whenever you have the chance, write down your thoughts in Persian. A Farsi class will provide this opportunity and give you feedback. If you’re not in a class, try finding a Persian speaker to write letters or chat with.

  • You could also try texting or having instant message chats with a Persian speaker to test your Persian writing skills.

5. Learn Iranian culture

Any linguist will tell you that language and culture are closely related and you can’t learn one without also learning something about the other. In fact, by «culture» we mean: mentality, perspective, norms, etc. Our mother tongue is full of colorful idioms, similes, and expressions that reflect our beliefs, values, and perception of the world around us. When learning Persian maybe you will find that our «take on things» is similar to yours in some places, but wildly different in others. Please be open to the fact we don’t all see the world in the same way. If you embrace our cultural idiosyncrasies, then you can truly appreciate the beautiful, weird, and wonderful faces of our language.

6. Find a reliable website

You can use language learning websites and mobile apps to help you master Persian quickly. Consider a Persian language learning website. Most of these websites are free. Actually, you can go to most of them and click the links to find vocabulary, verb conjugations, the alphabet, helpful phrases, and so on.

  • The important key is: the trouble with using a website instead of a class is that you have no clear instruction about where to start and where to go next so that you’re not learning in a logical, organized way.
  • Language-learning websites are free, but they can be also confusing.

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