Discourse ON oppression سخنی در مورد عدل و ظلم و ثمره آن

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

Of the Persian Khusraus do you knowledge possess?
For all ‘neath their sway, they did sorely oppress.
Their splendour and royalty suffered decay;
Their oppression of villagers vanished away.
  خبرداری از خسروان عجم
که کردند بر زیردستان ستم؟
نه آن شوکت و پادشایی بماند
نه آن ظلم بر روستایی بماند
Observe the mistake which the tyrant’s hand sped:
The world lives and he, with his foul deeds, is dead.
Oh blessed is the king on the great Judgment Day,
Who within the throne’s shade is permitted to stay!
خطابین که بر دست ظالم برفت
جهان ماند و او با مظالم برفت
خنک روز محشر تن دادگر
که در سایه عرش دارد مقر
To the tribe who appreciate goodness, the Lord
Gives a king who with justice and wisdom is stored.
When He wishes to change to a desert the land,
He delivers the State to the tyrant’s harsh hand.  
به قومی که نیکی پسندد خدای
دهد خسروی عادل و نیک رای
چو خواهد که ویران شود عالمی
کند ملک در پنجه ظالمی
Pious men, full of cautiousness, therefore, suppose
That the anger of God, through the tyrant’s hand shows.
From Him know that greatness and gratitude spring;
If ungrateful for favours, they’ll quickly take wing.
سگالند از او نیکمردان حذر
که خشم خدایست بیدادگر
بزرگی از او دان و منت شناس
که زایل شود نعمت ناسپاس
In the glorious book, you yourself must have read,
That in thankfulness bounty continues to spread.
If you’ve tendered your thanks for your riches and state,
You’ll get wealth and a kingdom that will not abate.
And should you be tyrannous during your reign,
A beggar’s estate, after empire, you’ll gain.
اگر شکر کردی بر این ملک و مال
به مالی و ملکی رسی بی زوال
وگر جور در پادشایی کنی
پس از پادشاهی گدایی کنی
It becomes not a king, in soft slumber, to rest,
While the weak by the strong are unjustly oppressed.
On the people one grain of distress do not bring!
For they are the flock and the shepherd’s the king.  
حرام است بر پادشه خواب خوش
چو باشد ضعیف از قوی بارکش
میازار عامی به یک خردله
که سلطان شبان است و عامی گله  
When war and injustice through him they sustain,
He’s a wolf, not a shepherd; of him they complain.
The king who, on subjects, Oppression’s hand laid,
Departed unhappy and malice displayed.
چو پرخاش بینند و بیداد از او
شبان نیست، گرگ است، فریاد از او
بد انجام رفت و بد اندیشه کرد
که با زیردستان جفا، پیشه کرد
بسستی و سختی بر این بگذرد
بماند بر او سالها نام بد
If you wish not that men should behind you revile,
Be good, so that none can declare you have guile!
نخواهی که نفرین کنند از پست
نکوباش تا بد نگوید کست


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