Story OF THE HOLY MAN WHO BECAME KING حکایت شیخی که پادشاه شد

Story OF THE HOLY MAN WHO BECAME KING حکایت شیخی که پادشاه شد

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

There once was a monarch of pomp and renown,
Whose “sun” to the mountain desired to go down.
یکی سلطنت ران صاحب شکوه
فرو خواست رفت آفتابش به کوه
He abandoned his realm to a saint of that place,
For no living successor was left of his race.
به شیخی در آن بقعه کشور گذاشت
که در دوده قایم مقامی نداشت
When the holy recluse heard the big drum of state,
He cared not again in retirement to wait.
چو خلوت نشین کوس دولت شنید
دگر ذوق در کنج خلوت ندید
He began to manoeuvre his troops left and right;
The hearts of brave men were alarmed at the sight
چپ و راست لشکر کشیدن گرفت
دل پردلان زو رمیدن گرفت
So strong grew his arm and so brave had he got,
That with war-seeking people encounter he sought.
چنان سخت بازو شد و تیز چنگ
که با جنگجویان طلب کرد جنگ
Of the foe, disunited, a number he killed.
The remainder assembled, with one spirit filled.
ز قوم پراگنده خلقی بکشت
دگر جمع گشتند و هم رای و پشت
They circled him round in a fortress so tight,
That the raining of arrows and stones cowed him quite.
چنان در حصارش کشیدند تنگ
که عاجز شد از تیرباران و سنگ
To an eminent saint he made some one repair;
Saying, “I am distressed! oh reliever of care,
بر نیکمردی فرستاد کس
که صعبم فرومانده، فریاد رس
With your prayers assist! for the arrow and sword,
Do not always, in battle, assistance afford.”
به همت مدد کن که شمشیر و تیر
نه در هر وغایی بود دستگیر
When the worshipper heard this, he smiled, and then said
“Why did he not sleep on a half loaf of bread?
چو بشنید عابد بخندید و گفت
چرا نیم نانی نخورد و نخفت؟
Karuti the wealth-worshipper, was not aware,
That the treasure of peace hugs the corner of pray’r.”
ندانست قارون نعمت پرست
که گنج سلامت به کنج اندرست


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