Discourse on the Pre-eminence of God’s Orders and Providence در سابقه حکم ازل و توفیق خیر

Discourse on the Pre-eminence of God’s Orders and Providence در سابقه حکم ازل و توفیق خیر

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

First, God to the heart the intention conveyed,
And then, on the threshold this slave his head laid
If the means to do good, from the Lord you don’t gain,
When will other men good, through your efforts, obtain?
نخست او ارادت به دل در نهاد
پس این بنده بر آستان سرنهاد
گر از حق نه توفیق خیری رسد
کی از بنده چیزی به غیری رسد؟
In the tongue that acknowledged him, what do you see?
On the Giver of speech, let your scrutiny be!
The doors of God’s knowledge are man’s seeing eyes,
Which are open so wide to the earth and the skies.
زبان را چه بینی که اقرار داد
ببین تا زبان را که گفتار داد
در معرفت دیده آدمی است
که بگشوده بر آسمان و زمی است
When would you the low and the lofty have known,
If He had not this door in your face open thrown?
He the head and the hand from nonentity brought,
And to them, adoration and almsgiving taught
کیت فهم بودی نشیب و فراز
گر این در نکردی به روی تو باز؟
سر آورد و دست از عدم در وجود
در این جود بنهاد و در وی سجود
Had He not, would the hand have munificence spread?
Adoration would never have come from the head!
He gave, in His wisdom, a tongue, made the ear;
As the key of the chest of the mind these appear!
وگرنه کی از دست جود آمدی؟
محال است کز سر سجود آمدی
به حکمت زبان داد وگوش آفرید
که بشاند صندوق دل را کلید
Had the tongue not for speaking an aptitude shown,
Would a person the heart’s hidden secrets have known?
Had the spy of the ear not to effort inclined,
When would news have been brought to the monarch the mind?
اگر نه زبان قصه برداشتی
کس از سر دل کی خبر داشتی؟
وگر نیستی سعی جاسوس گوش
خبر کی رسیدی به سلطان هوش
The pronouncer of sweet sounding words He gave me;
The acute and intelligent ear He gave thee.
مرا لفظ شیرین خواننده داد
تو را سمع دراک داننده داد
Like porters, these two always stand at the gate,
And from monarch to monarch the news they relate.
مدام این دو چون حاجبان بر درند
ز سلطان به سلطان خبر میبرند
Why trouble yourself? saying, “Good, is my deed! “
From the other side look, for by Him ’tis decreed! 
چه اندیشی از خود که فعلم نکوست؟
از این در نگه کن که توفیق اوست
To the halls of the monarch the gard’ner repairs,
And a present of fruit from the king’s garden bears!
برد بوستان بان به ایوان شاه
به نوباوه گل هم ز بستان شاه


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