Khusrau’s Advice to Sheroya حکایت نصحیت خسرو به شیرویه

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

I have heard that Khusrau, ere his eyes closed in death,
Thus Sheroya addressed with his last parting breath: —
“So live, that whatever may be your intent,
Your glance on the good of your subjects is bent!  
  شنیدم که خسرو به شیرویه گفت
در آن دم که چشمش زدیدن بخفت
برآن باش تا هرچه نیت کنی
نظر در صلاح رعیت کنی
True wisdom and knowledge, oh son, do not spurn!
That men from your orders their feet may not turn.”
From oppressors the subjects take refuge in flight,
And revile them abroad in their stories at night.
الا تا نپیچی سر از عدل و رای
که مردم ز دستت نپیچند پای
گریزد رعیت ز بیدادگر
کند نام زشتش به گیتی سمر
But a very short time sees the structure effaced
Of him who an evil foundation has placed.
The tiger and swordsman can’t make such a wild,
As that from the heart-sighs of woman and child.  
بسی بر نیاید که بنیاد خود
بکند آن که بنهاد بنیاد بد
خرابی کند مرد شمشیر زن
نه چندان که دود دل طفل و زن
The lamp which the poor widow woman illumed,
You may often have seen, has a city consumed.
چراغی که بیوه زنی برفروخت
بسی دیده باشی که شهری بسوخت  
In the regions of Earth, who more favour has gained
Than he, who in justice has lived and has reigned?
When his time for departing this life comes about,
“On his tomb vouchsafe mercy “the people will shout.  
ازان بهره‌ورتر در آفاق نیست
که در ملکرانی بانصاف زیست
چو نوبت رسد زین جهان غربتش
ترحم فرستند بر تربتش
Since the good and the wicked must pass as they came,
It is well when with goodness they mention your name.
A God-fearing man for your subjects select;
For a continent man is the realm’s architect.
بدو نیک مردم چو می‌بگذرند
همان به که نامت به نیکی برند
خدا ترس را بر رعیت گمار
که معمار ملک است پرهیزگار
He who in men’s harm seeks to furnish your purse,
Is your own wicked foe and the people’s worst curse.
It is wrong to bestow upon persons command,
From whose tyrannous acts men to God stretch their hand.  
بد اندیش تست آن و خونخوار خلق
که نفع تو جوید در آزار خلق
ریاست به دست کسانی خطاست
که از دستشان دستها برخداست
The patron of acts that are good sees no guile;
You’re the foe of your life when you cherish the vile.
In revenging a foe confiscation won’t suit;
It behoves you to tear up his stem from the root.
نکو کار پرور نبیند بدی
چو بد پروری خصم خون خودی
مکافات موذی به مالش مکن
که بیخش برآورد باید ز بن
With a tyrannous agent you should not delay!
For because of his fatness, his skin you must flay!
مکن صبر بر عامل ظلم دوست
چه از فربهی بایدش کند پوست
It is requisite first to cut off the wolfs head,
Not after he has in the flock havoc spread.
سر گرگ باید هم اول برید
نه چون گوسفندان مردم درید


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