On the Humility of Bayazid حکایت بایزید بسطامی

On the Humility of Bayazid حکایت بایزید بسطامی

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

have heard that one morning, the day being Eed1?
There came from a warm-bath the good Bayazid2
Without knowing, a basin of ashes, ’tis said,
Some one threw from a house on the top of his head.
شنیدم که وقتی سحرگاه عید
ز گرمابه آمد برون با یزید
یکی طشت خاکسترش بیخبر
فرو ریختند از سرایی به سر
He was saying — disordered his turban and hair
And rubbing his face with his palms, as in pray’r —
“Oh spirit of mine, I am worthy of fire,
Since for ashes, I wrinkle my features in ire! ”
همی گفت شولیده دستار و موی
کف دست شکرانه مالان به روی
که ای نفس من در خور آتشم
به خاکستری روی درهم کشم؟
The great do not look on themselves as select;
From a selfish man, piety, do not expect!
True greatness, with fame and fine speech is not bound,
With pretensions- and fancies, high place is not found.
بزرگان نکردند در خود نگاه
خدا بینی از خویشتن بین مخواه
بزرگی به ناموس و گفتار نیست
بلندی به دعوی و پندار نیست
At the Judgment in Paradise, him you will find,
Who searched for the truth and put claims from his mind.
Humility raises sublimity’s crown,
And arrogance, under the dust casts you down.
تواضع سر رفعت افرازدت
تکبر به خاک اندر اندازدت
The hot-tempered rebel falls headlong below
If you wish to be great, do not arrogance show!
Do not ask for the Faith from one proud of his pelf!
Do not piety seek from a lover of self!
به گردن فتد سرکش تند خوی
بلندیت باید بلندی مجوی
ز مغرور دنیا ره دین مجوی
خدا بینی از خویشتن بین مجوی
If rank you desire do not copy the base!
With the eye of humility limit your gaze!
When will an intelligent person surmise,
That power exalted in arrogance lies?
گرت جاه باید مکن چون خسان
به چشم حقارت نگه در کسان
گمان کی برد مردم هوشمند
که در سرگرانی است قدر بلند؟
For a nobler position than this, do not seek!
That in praise of your nature the multitude speak!
When a man, like yourself, makes you feel his pride’s weight,
With wisdom’s clear eye, can you view him as great?  
از این نامورتر محلی مجوی
که خوانند خلقت پسندیده خوی
نه گر چون تویی بر تو کبر آورد
بزرگش نبینی به چشم خرد؟
You also from haughtiness do just the same;
You resemble the proud who preceding you came.
When in station exalted, securely you stand,
Do not laugh at the fallen, if sense you command!
تو نیز ار تکبر کنی همچنان
نمایی، که پیشت تکبر کنان
چو استاده‌ای بر مقامی بلند
بر افتاده گر هوشمندی مخند
Many persons established have suffered disgrace,
And those who were fallen have seized on their place.
بسا ایستاده درآمد ز پای
که افتادگانش گرفتند جای
I admit, that from faults you are perfectly free!
Do not curse me! Of faults I’m as full as can be.
The Kaba’s ring-knocker, one holds in his hand;
In a tavern, another’s so drunk, he can’t stand.
گرفتم که خود هستی از عیب پاک
تعنت مکن بر من عیب‌ناک
یکی حلقه کعبه دارد به دست
یکی در خراباتی افتاده مست
If He wills that the former may near Him remain,
And drives off the latter, to call him again;
The first is not helped by his own acts of grace,
And the door is not shut in the other one’s face.
گر آن را بخواند، که نگذاردش؟
وراین را براند، که باز آردش؟
نه مستظهرست آن به اعمال خویش
نه این را در توبه بسته‌ست پیش


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