Story on Preferring the Pain to the Cure for the Sake of the Friend (THE patient and the doctor) حکایت بیمار و طبیب

Story on Preferring the Pain to the Cure for the Sake of the Friend (THE patient and the doctor) حکایت بیمار و طبیب

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A doctor, sweet-faced, had in Merv his abode;
Within the heart’s garden, he cypress-like showed.
For the grief of hearts wounded by him, not a care;
Of the hopes of those ailing through him, unaware.
  طبیبی پری چهره در مرو بود
که در باغ دل قامتش سرو بود
نه از درد دلهای ریشش خبر
نه از چشم بیمار خویشش خبر
A sufferer tells a good tale of his case —:
“With the doctor my head was much pleased, for a space;
To recover my health I had little desire,
For the Doctor would, then, from attending, retire “.  
حکایت کند دردمندی غریب
که خوش بود چندی سرم با طبیب
نمیخواستم تندرستی خویش
که دیگر نیاید طبیبم به پیش
Many powerful in wisdom and valiant in hand,
By the passion of love are brought under command
When Passion gives Wisdom a box on the ear,
Understanding can never again its head rear.
بسا عقل زورآور چیردست
که سودای عشقش کند زیردست
چو سودا خرد را بمالید گوش
نیارد دگر سر برآورد هوش


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