Story of the flute-player حکایت مرد نی زن

Story of the flute-player حکایت مرد نی زن

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A sugar-lipped youth on a flute could so play,
That like reeds in the fire tender hearts burned away.
His father would frequently scold him in ire,
And set the soft flute that offended on fire.
شکر لب جوانی نی آموختی
که دلها در آتش چو نی سوختی
پدر بارها بانگ بر وی زدی
به تندی و آتش در آن نی زدی
To his son’s sweet performance he listened one night;
The music perplexed and confounded him, quite.
He was saying, while sweat down his face trickled free,
“The flute has, at last, raised a burning in me! “
شبی بر ادای پسر گوش کرد
سماعش پریشان و مدهوش کرد
همی گفت بر چهره افگنده خوی
که آتش به من در زد این بار نی
You know not why rapturous men, in a trance,
Keep snapping their fingers whenever they dance?
ندانی که شوریده حالان مست
چرا برفشانند در رقص دست؟
A door opens wide by God’s grace in their mind,
And their fingers they snap at all human in kind.
They may lawfully dance in the thought of the Friend,
For each of their sleeves does a soul comprehend.
گشاید دری بر دل از واردات
فشاند سر دست بر کاینات
حلالش بود رقص بر یاد دوست
که هر آستینیش جانی در اوست
I admit that in swimming you’re clever and neat,
And when nude can strike out with your hands and your feet.
گرفتم که مردانهای در شنا
برهنه توانی زدن دست و پا
Let the robes of deceit, name and fame be dispersed!
For a man becomes weak if in garments immersed.
بکن خرقه نام و ناموس و زرق
که عاجز بود مرد با جامه غرق
Worldly love is a veil by which nothing is gained;
When you snap the attachments, the Lord is obtained.
تعلق حجاب است و بی حاصلی
چو پیوندها بگسلی واصلی


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