On the Sympathy of Kings (the king, and the peasant and his ass) حکایت همدردی پادشاهان

On the Sympathy of Kings (the king, and the peasant and his ass) حکایت همدردی پادشاهان

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A certain one’s donkey had sunk in the mud;
From anger the blood reached his heart like a flood.
There were desert and rain, cold and torrents, around!
And the black skirt of Darkness hung over the ground.  
  یکی را خری در گل افتاده بود
ز سوداش خون در دل افتاده بود
بیابان و باران و سرما و سیل
فرو هشته ظلمت بر آفاق ذیل
From night until morning his rage he let loose;
He reviled and reproached and indulged in abuse.
Neither kindred nor foe from his tongue got away;
Nor the sultan who over the country held sway.
همه شب در این غصه تا بامداد
سقط گفت و نفرین و دشنام داد
نه دشمن برست از زبانش نه دوست
نه سلطان که این بوم و برزان اوست
The king of that region, a person renowned,
Was playing chaugdn on the exercise-ground;
He heard those remarks, so remote from the truth,
And neither could listen nor answer, forsooth.  
قضا را خداوند آن پهن دشت
در آن حال منکر بر او برگذشت
شنید این سخنهای دور از صواب
نه صبر شنیدن، نه روی جواب  
he man saw the chief of the country, and found
That he heard all he said from a neighbouring mound.
The monarch abashed, turned his eyes on his train:
“Can any, the anger he bears me, explain? ”  
به چشم سیاست در او بنگریست
که سودای این بر من از بهر چیست؟
Some one answered, ” Oh king ! with the sword take his life!
For he spared none not even his daughter and wife.”
یکی گفت شاها به تیغش بزن
ز روی زمین بیخ عمرش بکن
The monarch sublime looked about him in ire;
Saw the man in distress and his ass in the mire.
He pitied the poor, wretched villager’s plight,
And swallowed his rage, at the words full of spite;
نگه کرد سلطان عالی محل
خودش در بلا دیدو خر در وحل
ببخشود بر حال مسکین مرد
فرو خورد خشم سخنهای سرد
Gave him gold and a horse and fur cloak of his own: —
How comely is kindness when rancour is shown!
“Oh old man void of wisdom and sense,” some one cried,
“You’ve evaded death, strangely! ” “Desist !” he replied;
زرش داد و اسب و قبا پوستین
چه نیکو بود مهر در وقت کین
یکی گفتش ای پیر بی عقل و هوش
عجب رستی از قتل، گفتا خموش
“If I sorely lamented because of my grief,
Becoming his station, he gave me relief.”
Rend’ring evil for evil is easy to do;
If you’re manly, do good to the man who wronged you!
اگر من بنالیدم از درد خویش
وی انعام فرمود در خورد خویش
بدی را بدی سهل باشد جزا
اگر مردی احسن الی من اسا


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