On the Treatment of a Foe who has become friendly گفتار اندر حذر از دشمنی که در طاعت آید

On the Treatment of a Foe who has become friendly گفتار اندر حذر از دشمنی که در طاعت آید

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

Should a foe, of himself, to you friendliness show,
From his frauds you will never security know.
From the hatred he bears you, heart-wounded, he sighs
When thoughts of his “Love” and relations arise.
  گرت خویش دشمن شود دوستدار
ز تلبیسش ایمن مشو زینهار
که گردد درونش به کین تو ریش
چو یاد آیدش مهر پیوند خویش
To the sweet words of enemies never attend
They’re the same as when poison with honey you blend.
He saves not his life from the enemy’s blow,
Who looks on the man who informs as a foe.  
بد اندیش را لفظ شیرین مبین
که ممکن بود زهر در انگبین
کسی جان از آسیب دشمن ببرد
که مر دوستان را به دشمن شمرد
That robber, his pearl in a bag will conceal,
When he sees all the people accustomed to steal.
The soldier who will not his leader obey,
You should never admit to your service and pay!  
نگه دارد آن شوخ در کیسه در
که بیند همه خلق را کیسه بر
سپاهی که عاصی شود در امیر
ورا تا توانی بخدمت مگیر
His former commander he failed to revere!
Of you, too, from malice, he will not show fear.
To bind him by promise and oath do not try!
But a watchman, in secret, despatch as a spy!  
ندانست سالار خود را سپاس
تو را هم ندارد، ز غدرش هراس
به سوگند و عهد استوارش مدار
نگهبان پنهان بر او بر گمار
You must give to a novice a good deal of rein;
If you snap it, you never will see him again.
نو آموز را ریسمان کن دراز
نه بگسل که دیگر نبینیش باز
When a foe’s land and fortress by war you obtain,
Hand him over to those who in dungeons have lain!
Since the prisoner’s teeth in his heart’s blood were stuck,
From the throat of the tyrant, the blood he will suck.
چو اقلیم دشمن به جنگ و حصار
گرفتی، به زندانیانش سپار
که بندی چو دندان به خون در برد
ز حلقوم بیدادگر خون خورد
Seize the land for yourself, when you’ve cleared out the foe,
And on all of the subjects, more freedom bestow!
For should he attempt to knock War’s door again,
The people will tear ruin out of his brain.
چو برکندی از چنگ دشمن دیار
رعیت به سامان تر از وی بدار
که گر باز کوبد در کار زار
بر آرند عام از دماغش دمار
And if on the citizens, harm you impose,
Do not shut the town gates in the face of your foes!
Do not say that the sword- wielding foe’s at your gate;
For the enemies’ friends in the city await.  
وگر شهریان را رسانی گزند
در شهر بر روی دشمن مبند
مگو دشمن تیغ زن بر درست
که انباز دشمن به شهر اندرست
In arranging for war with a foe, work with zeal!
Consider affairs; but your object conceal!
Divulge not your secret to each passer by;
For I’ve oft seen a person hob-nob with a spy.
به تدبیر جنگ بد اندیش کوش
مصالح بیندیش و نیت بپوش
منه در میان راز با هر کسی
که جاسوس همکاسه دیدم بسی
Alexander, who war upon Easterns once pressed,
Had the door of his tent, they say, facing the West
سکندر که با شرقیان حرب داشت
درخیمه گویند در غرب داشت
When to march into Zawilistan Bahman meant,
He rumoured the left, by the right hand he went.
If you cannot your purpose from any one keep,
As a consequence, Wisdom and Knowledge will weep.
چو بهمن به زاولستان خواست شد
چپ آوازه افگند و از راست شد
اگر جز تو داند که عزم تو چیست
بر آن رای و دانش بباید گریست
Be gen’rous, and war and revenge from you fling!
And under your signet, the world you will bring.
When a work can be settled by kindness and peace,
Why should you rebellion and outrage release?
کرم کن، نه پرخاش و کینآوری
که عالم به زیر نگین آوری
چو کاری برآید به لطف و خوشی
چه حاجت به تندی و گردن کشی؟
If you wish that your heart be not burdened with grief,
From their bonds, give the hearts of the wretched relief!
In the arm of a soldier, for strength do not seek!
Go and pray for a blessing from those who are weak!
نخواهی که باشد دلت دردمند
دل درمندان برآور زبند
به بازو توانا نباشد سپاه
برو همت از ناتوانان بخواه
The pray’rs of the weak who are hopeful and free,
Are more efficacious than man’s arm can be.
Whoever seeks aid at a holy man’s feet,
If he fought .Faridun? would not suffer defeat.
دعای ضعیفان امیدوار
ز بازوی مردی به آید به کار
هر آن کاستعانت به درویش برد
اگر بر فریدون زد از پیش برد


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