Story of the villager and the army of the sultan حکایت دهقان در لشکر سلطان

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

An old village chief with his son, on their way,
Passed a king’s mighty army, in battle array.
The son looked on heralds and weapons untold;
On mantles of satin and girdles of gold;
  رئیس دهی با پسر در رهی
گذشتند بر قلب شاهنشهی
پسر چاوشان دید و تیغ و تبر
قباهای اطلس، کمرهای زر
On bow-bearing heroes, the slayers of game;
On slaves, quiver-bearing, and archers of fame.
Parnian silken mantles the breasts of some graced;
On the temples of others are coronets placed.  
یلان کماندار نخچیر زن
غلامان ترکش کش تیرزن
یکی در برش پرنیانی قباه
یکی بر سرش خسروانی کلاه
When the son all this splendour and grandeur had seen,
He saw that his father was humble and mean;
That his manner had changed and his colour had fled;
That he hurried away to a corner, from dread.
پسر کان همه شوکت و پایه دید
پدر را به غایت فرومایه دید
که حالش بگردید و رنگش بریخت
ز هیبت به پیغولهای در گریخت
“You are chief of a village, at least?” the son said;
“In chiefship you’re over the great people’s head!
پسر گفتش آخر بزرگ دهی
به سرداری از سر بزرگان مهی
What occurred, that the hope of your life you forsook?
That at sight of a king, like a willow you shook”?
چه بودت که ببریدی از جان امید
بلرزیدی از باد هیبت چو بید؟
He said, ” I’m a ruler and chief, as you state;
But my dignity stops at my own village gate”!
Overwhelmed with amazement the holy are seen,
Because in the court of the king they have been.  
بلی، گفت سالار و فرماندهم
ولی عزتم هست تا در دهم
بزرگان ازان دهشت آلودهاند
که در بارگاه ملک بودهاند
In the village, oh careless one! such is your case,
That you on yourself a high estimate place!
Men of eloquence have not delivered a speech,
That Sadi some proverb, thereon, does not teach  
تو، ای بی خبر، همچنان در دهی
که بر خویشتن منصبی مینهی
نگفتند حرفی زبان آوران
که سعدی مثالی نگوید بر آن
Perhaps you have seen that in garden and swamp,
The glow-worm shines brightly at night, like a lamp.
One inquired, thus, “Oh moth, lighting night with your ray!
Why is it you do not appear in the day? “
مگر دیده باشی که در باغ و راغ
بتابد به شب کرمکی چون چراغ
یکی گفتش ای کرمک شب فروز
چه بودت که بیرون نیایی به روز؟
Observe what the earth-nurtured, fire-giving fly,
From its head of enlightenment, said, in reply:
ببین کآتشی کرمک خاک زاد
جواب از سر روشنایی چه داد
“In the plains day and night I am present, always;
But never apparent before the sun’s rays! “
که من روز و شب جز به صحرانیم
ولی پیش خورشید پیدا نیم


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