Story of the vulture and the kite حکایت کرکس با زغن

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

In this manner a vulture conversed with a kite:
“No bird has like me such a far-reaching sight”
“We must settle this point! ” said the kite, in reply.
“On the desert’s expanse, tell me what you can spy? “
چنین گفت پیش زغن کرکسی
که نبود ز من دوربینتر کسی
زغن گفت از این در نشاید گذشت
بیا تا چه بینی بر اطراف دشت
I have heard that a day’s journey distant, or so,
He looked from above on the desert below;
And said, “I can see, if you credit the feat,
That on yonder vast plain there is one grain of wheat! “
شنیدم که مقدار یک روزه راه
بکرد از بلندی به پستی نگاه
چنین گفت دیدم گرت باورست
که یک دانه گندم به هامون برست
The kite was of patience bereft, from surprise;
They directed their heads to the plains from the skies.
When the vulture arrived at the grain on the ground,
In a long, stretching snare he was twisted and bound.
زغن را نماند از تعجب شکیب
ز بالا نهادند سر در نشیب
چو کرکس بر دانه آمد فراز
گره شد بر او پای بندی دراز
From eating that grain he was little aware,
That Fate would entangle his neck in a snare.
Not always in pearl shells are pearls found to lie;
An archer can’t always transfix the bull’s eye.
ندانست ازان دانه بر خوردنش
که دهر افگند دام در گردنش
نه آبستن در بود هر صدف
نه هر بار شاطر زند بر هدف
Said the kite, “What acquire you from seeing that grain,
When no sight of the snare of your foe you obtain? “
I have heard that he said, with his neck in the noose,
” Against Fate’s decrees, caution proves of no use.”
زغن گفت ازان دانه دیدن چه سود
چو بینایی دام خصمت نبود؟
شنیدم که میگفت و گردن به بند
نباشد حذر با قدر سودمند
When Death caused his hand for his murder to rise,
Fate instantly darkened his clear seeing eyes.
اجل چون به خونش برآورد دست
قضا چشم باریک بینش ببست
In a sea where the opposite coast is concealed,
The swimmer’s proud boast will no benefit yield.
در آبی که پیدا نگردد کنار
غرور شناور نیاید به کار


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