Remarks on cherishing the army گفتار اندر نواخت لشکریان در حالت امن

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

If once a brave man should courageousness show,
Befitting his merits, promotion bestow!
That again upon death he may hazard his life,
And not fear to contend against Gog, in war’s strife.  
  دلاور که باری تهور نمود
بباید به مقدارش اندر فزود
که بار دگر دل نهد بر هلاک
ندارد ز پیکار یأجوج باک
During peace, keep the welfare of soldiers in view!
That in times of emergency, good may ensue.
It is now, you should kiss the defender’s rough hand,
And not when the foe beats his drum in your land.
سپاهی در آسودگی خوش بدار
که در حالت سختی آید به کار
کنون دست مردان جنگی ببوس
نه آنگه که دشمن فرو کوفت کوس  
If a soldier’s profession should fail to give bread,
Why should he, when war happens, sport with his head?
The bounds of your realm, from the enemy’s hold,
With your army preserve! and your army with gold!  
سپاهی که کارش نباشد به برگ
چرا روز هیجا نهد دل به مرگ؟
نواحی ملک از کف بدسگال
به لشکر نگه دار و لشکر به مال
The king has the mastery over his foes,
When his troops are content and their hearts have repose.
ملک را بود بر عدو دست، چیر
چو لشکر دل آسوده باشند و سیر
The price of his head, the brave soldier but eats;
It is very unjust, then, when hardship he meets.
بهای سر خویشتن میخورد
نه انصاف باشد که سختی برد
When they think it a pity to give him their gold,
His hand from the sword he is apt to withhold.
چو دارند گنج از سپاهی دریغ
دریغ آیدش دست بردن به تیغ
What pluck will he show, when for battle arrayed,
Whose hand contains nought, and whose works are decayed?  
چه مردی کند در صف کارزار
که دستش تهی باشد و کار، زار؟  


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