Story of a convivial party حکایت جشن و طرب

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

In my quarter one night an invitement was made;
Men assembled of ev’ry description and shade.
When the voice of the minstrel arose from the street,
With shouts of approval the sky was replete.
شبی دعوتی بود در کوی من
ز هر جنس مردم در او انجمن
چو آواز مطرب برآمد ز کوی
به گردون شد از عاشقان های و هوی
To a fairy-faced maiden — a sweetheart of mine
I said, “Oh my beautiful idol, divine!
Why do you not join the young men here to-night,
And, candle-like, give to our gathering light? “
پری پیکری بود محبوب من
بدو گفتم ای لعبت خوب من
چرا با رفیقان نیایی به جمع
که روشن کنی مجلس ما چو شمع؟
I heard the erect, silver-bodied one say
In sweet tones to herself, as she glided away:
“I’m not graced, like a man, with a beard and moustache,
So, for me to carouse with young men would be rash.”
شنیدم سهی قامت سیمتن
که میرفت و میگفت با خویشتن
محاسن چو مردان نداری به دست
نه مردی بود پیش مردان نشست
Do not wish him more vile than the “paederast ” base,
Who is infamous ere the down shows on his face!
Away from that wretch, it behoves one to haste,
Whose poltrpon’ry has man’s reputation effaced.
سیه نامه تر زان مخنث مخواه
که پیش از خطش روی گردد سیاه
ازان بی حمیت بباید گریخت
که نامردیش آب مردان بریخت
If a son has in comp’ny with vagabonds been,
Of his welfare, the father may wash his hands clean!
پسر کو میان قلندر نشست
پدر گو ز خیرش فروشوی دست
At his ruin and death, from lamenting refrain!
Better die! Yore his father, than wicked remain!
دریغش مخور بر هلاک و تلف
که پیش از پدر، مرده به ناخلف


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