Story of Ali, the Commander of the Faithful (may god reward him and the humility of his nature!) حکایت امیرالمومنین علی (ع) و سیرت پاک او

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

To Ali a man brought a subject abstruse,
In the hope that the difficult knot he would loose.
The conquering, foe-subjugating Ameer,
Full of wisdom and sense, his reply stated clear.
کسی مشکلی برد پیش علی
مگر مشکلش را کند منجلی
امیر عدو بند مشکل گشای
جوابش بگفت از سر علم و رای
I have heard that a man at the conference said:
“Oh perfection of goodness! you’ve erred on this head! “
The magnanimous lion raged not at the man,
But replied, “State it better than this, if you can! “
شنیدم که شخصی در آن انجمن
بگفتا چنین نیست یا باالحسن
نرنجید از او حیدر نامجوی
بگفت ارتو دانی از این به بگوی
He explained what he knew in an elegant way
It becomes not to hide the sun’s splendour with clay
The monarch of men liked his lucid reply,
Saying, “He is correct, and in error was I.
بگفت آنچه دانست و بایسته گفت
به گل چشمه خور نشاید نهفت
پسندید از او شاه مردان جواب
که من بر خطا بودم او بر صواب
He better explained; and the Maker is one!
And knowledge more noble than His there is none.”
Had you been a person of. rank in those days,
From hauteur you would not have deigned him a gaze.
به از من سخن گفت و دانا یکی است
که بالاتر از علم او علم نیست
گر امروز بودی خداوند جاه
نکردی خود از کبر در وی نگاه
Your slaves would have quickly expelled him the hall,
And beaten him down, for no reason at all
Saying, ” Do not hereafter disgracefully walk!
It is rude in the presence of nobles to talk! “
بدر کردی از بارگه حاجبش
فرو کوفتندی به ناواجبش
که من بعد بی آبرویی مکن
ادب نیست پیش بزرگان سخن
If in any one’s head self-conceit should appear,
Do not fancy that always the truth he will hear.
From his learning comes grief; at advice shame is shown
Rain cannot cause tulips to spring from a stone
یکی را که پندار در سر بود
مپندار هرگز که حق بشنود
ز عملش ملال آید از وعظ ننگ
شقایق به باران نروید ز سنگ
گرت در دریای فضل است خیز
به تذکیر در پای درویش ریز
Don’t you see that from Earth, which humility shows,
The spring season comes and the rose blossom blows.
Oh, philosopher, scatter your pearls not too free,
When the buyer stuffed full of himself you can see!
نبینی که از خاک افتاده خوار
بروید گل و بشکفد نوبهار
مریز ای حکیم آستینهای در
چو میبینی از خویشتن خواجه پر
A person seems little in other men’s eyes,
Who to publish his greatness continually tries.
Do not lecture that thousands of thanks you may gain!
When you’ve eulogized self, hope in others is vain!
به چشم کسان در نیاید کسی
که از خود بزرگی نماید بسی
مگو تا بگویند شکرت هزار
چو خود گفتی از کس توقع مدار


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