Story of a miserly father and his prodigal son حکایت پدر بخیل و پسر لاابالی

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A man to spend money lacked courage and will;
He had gold but no stomach for eating his fill.
He ate not, in order to comfort his mind;
Nor gave, that to-morrow release he might find.  
  یکی زهره خرج کردن نداشت
زرش بود و یارای خوردن نداشت
نه خوردی، که خاطر بر آسایدش
نه دادی، که فردا بکار آیدش
He was thinking of silver and gold, night and day;
The silver and gold in the miser’s hand lay.
The son, in concealment, one day saw the spot
Where the father had hidden his money, ill-got.  
شب و روز در بند زر بود و سیم
زر و سیم در بند مرد لئیم
بدانست روزی پسر در کمین
که ممسک کجا کرد زر در زمین
From the ground he removed it and spent it apace;
I have heard that he buried a stone in its place.
The gold with the generous youth did not last
It came to one hand, through the other it passed.
ز خاکش بر آورد و بر باد داد
شنیدم که سنگی در آن جا نهاد
جوانمرد را زر بقائی نکرد
به یک دستش آمد، به دیگر بخورد
For this reason, a spendthrift than woman is less
His cap’s in the market, in pawn is his dress.
کز این کم زنی بود ناپا کرو
کلاهش به بازار و میزر گرو
The father had seized his own throat in his gripe;
The son had brought forward the lute and the pipe.
نهاده پدر چنگ در نای خویش
پسر چنگی و نایی آورده پیش
From weeping, the father at night kept awake;
The son in the morning laughed loudly, and Spake:
“For enjoying, oh father! our money we own;
For treasuring, gold is not better than stone “.  
پدر زار و گریان همه شب نخفت
پسر بامدادان بخندید و گفت
زر از بهر خوردن بود ای پدر
ز بهر نهادن چه سنگ و چه زر
From adamant gold is extracted with care,
To clothe and bestow and provide proper fare;
And gold in the grasp of a miser’s close fist,
In the stone, still, oh brother! appears to exist.
زر از سنگ خارا برون آورند
که با دوستان و عزیزان خورند
زر اندر کف مرد دنیا پرست
هنوز ای برادر به سنگ اندرست
If you over your children in life tyrannize,
Complain not of them, if they wish your demise!
Like a charm, they’ll their longing for food satisfy,
When you fall from a roof that is fifty yards high.  
چو در زندگانی بدی با عیال
گرت مرگ خواهند، از ایشان منال
چو چشمار و آنگه خورند از تو سیر
که از بام پنجه گز افتی به زیر
If a miser has plenty of gold in his hands,
As a talisman, over his treasure he stands.
بخیل توانگر به دینار و سیم
طلسمی است بالای گنجی مقیم
And his gold will remain for a number of years,
For a talisman, such, o’er it trembling appears.
از آن سالها میبماند زرش
که لرزد طلسمی چنین بر سرش
With the dread stone of death, him, they quickly destroy,
And in sharing his wealth, heirs their leisure employ.
Hence, rather than carry and store, like the ant,
Enjoy, while you can! when worms eat you, you can’t!
به سنگ اجل ناگهش بشکنند
به اسودگی گنج قسمت کنند
پس از بردن و گرد کردن چو مور
بخور پیش از آن کت خورد کرم گور
Sadi’s sayings, both proverbs and maxims, comprise;
By them, he will profit who honestly tries.
To avert from these sayings your face, it is sad!
For prosperous wealth in this way can be had.
سخنهای سعدی مثال است و پند
بکار آیدت گر شوی کار بند
دریغ است از این روی برتافتن
کز این روی دولت توان یافتن

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