Story OF THE MERCHANT AND HIS SLAVE حکایت بازرگان و غلام

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

In this city, one time, to my hearing it got
That a slave by an opulent merchant was bought
Perhaps, in the night, with the slave he made free;
For silvery chinned and heart-charming was he.
در این شهرباری به سمعم رسید
که بازارگانی غلامی خرید
شبانگه مگر دست بردش به سیب
ببر درکشیدش به ناز و عتیب
Whatsoever the fairy-cheeked youth could obtain,
He broke, in revenge, on the fool’s face and brain.
Not always on seeing a heart-charming line,
Can your longing secure it for that book of thine.
پری چهره هرچ اوفتادش به دست
ز رخت و اوانیش در سر شکست
نه هرجا که بینی خطی دل فریب
توانی طمع کردنش در کتیب
He called God and the prophet, as witnesses true,
Saying, ” Never again will I folly pursue.”
Face wounded, head bandaged and broken in heart,
He was forced the same week on a journey to start.
گوا کرد بر خود خدای و رسول
که دیگر نگردم به گرد فضول
رحیل آمدش هم در آن هفته پیش
دل افگار و سربسته و روی ریش
When two or three miles out of Gazar he rode,
A wild, rocky mountain in front of him showed.
He inquired, “What’s the name of this hill, rising high,
That appears so prodigious to eVry one’s eye? ”
چو بیرون شد از کازرون یک دو میل
به پیش آمدش سنگلاخی مهیل
بپرسید کاین قله را نام چیست؟
که بسیار بیند عجب هر که زیست
Thus, answered a friend in his own caravan:
Perhaps, you don’t know of the Tangi Turkan?
کسی گفتش این راه را وین مقام
بجز تنگ ترکان ندانیم نام
برنجید چون تنگ ترکان شنید
تو گفتی که دیدار دشمن بدید
At his servant the man gave a bellow severe,
Saying, ” Wherefore proceed? let us pitch our tents here!
Of wisdom and knowledge I’d not have a grain,
If the rage of the Turk I encountered again! ”
سیه را بفرمود کای نیکبخت
هم این جا که هستی بینداز رخت
نه عقل است و نه معرفت یک جوم
اگر من دگر تنگ ترکان روم
Shut the door of the passion of lust, so ingrate!
If a lover, bear kicks and then bandage your pate!
When you make it your duty a slave boy to train,
Be strict! so that fruit from his work you may gain.  
در شهوت نفس کافر ببند
وگر عاشقی لت خور و سر ببند
چو مر بنده‌ای را همی پروری
به هیبت بر آرش کز او برخوری
If the master should fasten his teeth in his lips,
The desire of becoming the master, he sips.
Make a slave carry water and work among bricks!
A slave who is pampered learns pugilists’ tricks.
وگر سیدش لب به دندان گزد
دماغ خداوندگاری پزد
غلام آبکش باید و خشت زن
بود بنده نازنین مشت زن
Some admirers are seated around a fair lad,
Saying, “Saintly are we and in holiness clad.”
Ask me! — from the wearing of time in decay —
For a “faster” regrets, when he sees the stored tray.
گروهی نشینند با خوش پسر
که ما پاکبازیم و صاحب نظر
ز من پرس فرسوده روزگار
که بر سفره حسرت خورد روزه‌دار
The goat, with the date-stones his appetite sates,
For a lock and a chain guard the sack, full of dates.
ازان تخم خرما خورد گوسپند
که قفل است بر تنگ خرما و بند
The oil-presser’s ox, upon straw has to feed,
For a tether prevents him from touching the seed.
سر گاو و عصار ازان در که است
که از کنجدش ریسمان کوته است


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