Story of the tyrant hajaj حکایت حجاج ستمگر

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

” Hajaj” some one said, “is a tyrant well known;
His heart is as hard as a piece of black stone;
کسی گفت حجاج خونخوارهای است
دلش همچو سنگ سیه پارهای است
Of the sighs and complaints of mankind, without dread;
Oh God, bring the people’s revenge on his head! “
نترسد همی ز آه و فریاد خلق
خدایا تو بستان از او داد خلق
An experienced person of very great age,
To the youth gave a bit of advice, very sage:
جهاندیدهای پیر دیرینه زاد
جوان را یکی پند پیرانه داد
“They’ll seek justice from him, for the poor he oppressed,
And from them, for the hatred of him they expressed.
کز او داد مظلوم مسکین او
بخواهند وز دیگران کین او
From him and his service, withhold you your hand!
For Time will itself bring him under command.
تو دست از وی و روزگارش بدار
که خود زیر دستش کند روزگار
Do not fancy that I sympathize with his ways!
Or bestow upon you, for your backbiting, praise.”
نه بیداد از او بهره مند آیدم
نه نیز از تو غیبت پسند آیدم
Sin bears the unfortunate person to Hell,
Who has made his cup full and his book black, as well.
به دوزخ برد مدبری را گناه
که پیمانه پر کرد و دیوان سیاه
Another, by backbiting, runs at his rear,
Lest to Hell, by himself, his lone course he should steer. 
دگر کس به غیبت پیش میدود
مبادا که تنها به دوزخ رود


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