Story on forgetfulness of the presence of god حکایت فراموشی حضور خدا

Story on forgetfulness of the presence of god حکایت فراموشی حضور خدا

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A certain one joined in committing a crime,
A man of good countenance passed at the time;
There he sat, and from shame beads of sweat on his face;
He said, “Well! I’m ashamed ‘fore the Sheikh of this place! “
یکی متفق بود بر منکری
گذر کرد بر وی نکو محضری
نشست از خجالت عرق کرده روی
که آیا خجل گشتم از شیخ کوی!
The aged philosopher heard this remark,
He was vexed, and exclaimed, ‘iOh, my youthful one, hark!
Respecting yourself, are you callous to shame?
For, God being present, you blushed when I came!
شنید این سخن پیر روشن روان
بر او بربشورید و گفت ای جوان
نیاید همی شرمت از خویشتن
که حق حاضر و شرم داری ز من؟
Do not hope that through any one rest you will get;
Depart, and your hope on the Lord, only, set!
In the presence of God, the same shame you should show,
As in presence of strangers and people you know.”
نیاسایی از جانب هیچ کس
برو جانب حق نگه دار و بس
چنان شرم دار از خداوند خویش
که شرمت ز بیگانگان است و خویش


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