Story ON OPPRESSION حکایت جور و ستم

Story ON OPPRESSION حکایت جور و ستم

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A person was giving advice to his son :—
” The counsels of those who are wise, do not shun !
  یکی پند می‌گفت فرزند را
نگه‌دار پند خردمند را
Oh son! do not trample on those who are small !
For a giant, some day, on your own head may fall.
مکن جور بر خردکان ای پسر
که یک روزت افتد بزرگی به سر
Oh short-witted boy! do you feel no dismay,
Lest a tiger should tear you to pieces some day?
نمی‌ترسی ای گرگ ناقص خرد
که روزی پلنگیت بر هم درد؟
In the days of my youth I was powerful in arm,
And the hearts of my subjects through me suffered harm.
به خردی درم زور سرپنجه بود
دل زیردستان ز من رنجه بود
I encountered a blow from one strong among men,
And the weak have not felt my oppression again.”
بخوردم یکی مشت زورآوران
نکردم دگر زور با لاغران


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