Story ON SHOWING KINDNESS TO NEIGHBOURS حکایت محبت به همسایگان

Story ON SHOWING KINDNESS TO NEIGHBOURS حکایت محبت به همسایگان

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A wife, shedding tears, to her husband thus said
“From the merchant near by, do not purchase more bread
Henceforth, to the market of wheat-sellers go!
For he sells only barley, though wheat he may show.  
 بزارید وقتی زنی پیش شوی
که دیگر مخر نان ز بقال کوی
به بازار گندم فروشان گرای
که این جو فروش است گندم نمای
Not from customers, but from the number of flies,
His face, for a week, has been hid from men’s eyes.”
In consoling, the husband, a master of pray’r,
Replied to his wife, ” Roshanai forbear !  
  نه از مشتری کز ز حام مگس
به یک هفته رویش ندیده‌ست کس
به دلداری آن مرد صاحب نیاز
به زن گفت کای روشنایی، بساز
Expecting our favour he opened shop there ;
To withdraw now our custom would scarcely be fair’
The path of the good, and the gen rous, select !
And since you have a footing, the fallen protect!  
  به امید ما کلبه این جا گرفت
نه مردی بود نفع از او وا گرفت
ره نیکمردان آزاده گیر
چو استاده‌ای دست افتاده‌گیر
Be forgiving ! for people who study the Lord;
Are buyers at shops where no glitter is stored.
If truly you wish to know one gen’rous mind,
It’s the liberal Alt, the chief of mankind!  
  ببخشای کانان که مرد حقند
خریدار دکان بی رونقند
جوانمرد اگر راست خواهی ولی است
کرم پیشه شاه مردان علی است


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