Story on the cherishing of orphans and showing mercy on their condition گفتار اندر نواخت ضعیفان

Story on the cherishing of orphans and showing mercy on their condition گفتار اندر نواخت ضعیفان

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A shade o’er the head of the orphan boy put!
Disperse all his sighs and his sorrows uproot!
You know not why he has this helplessness seen?
Does a tree without root ever show itself green?  
  پدرمرده را سایه بر سر فکن
غبارش بیفشان و خارش بکن
ندانی چه بودش فرو مانده سخت؟
بود تازه بی بیخ هرگز درخت؟
When you see the sad head of an orphan bent low,
On the face of your son, do not kisses bestow!
If an orphan should weep, who will purchase relief?
And should he be vexed, who will share in his grief?  
چو بینی یتیمی سر افگنده پیش
مده بوسه بر روی فرزند خویش
یتیم ار بگرید که نازش خرد؟
وگر خشم گیرد که بارش برد؟
Take care! lest he weeps, for the great throne on high
Will tremble and shake, should an orphan child cry!
By kindness, the tears from his pure eyes displace!
By compassion, disperse all the dust from his face!  
الا تا نگرید که عرش عظیم
بلرزد همی چون بگرید یتیم
به رحمت بکن آبش از دیده پاک
به شفقت بیفشانش از چهره خاک
If his own shelt’ring shadow has gone from his head,
Take him under your own fost’ring shadow, instead!
I at that time the head of a monarch possessed,
When I let it recline on my own father’s breast;
اگر سایه خود برفت از سرش
تو در سایه خویشتن پرورش
من آنگه سر تاجور داشتم
که سر بر کنار پدر داشتم
If a fly on my body made bold to alight,
The hearts of a number were grieved at the sight
If now, to a dungeon they captive me bear,
Not one of my friends to assist me would care.  
اگر بر وجودم نشستی مگس
پریشان شدی خاطر چند کس
کنون دشمنان گر برندم اسیر
نباشد کس از دوستانم نصیر
The sufFrings of poor orphan children I know;
In my childhood, my father to God had to go.
مرا باشد از درد طفلان خبر
که در طفلی از سر برفتم پدر


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