Story ON ENMITY BETWEEN TWO PERSONS حکایت عداوت در میان دو شخص

Story ON ENMITY BETWEEN TWO PERSONS حکایت عداوت در میان دو شخص

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

Two persons, in hatred and fighting engaged,
And looked on each other, like leopards enraged.
To avoid -one another, so far did they fly,
That the Earth was too small for them, under the sky.
میان دو تن دشمنی بود و جنگ
سر از کبر بر یکدیگر چون پلنگ
ز دیدار هم تا به حدی رمان
که بر هر دو تنگ آمدی آسمان
At the head of one, Fate with his army arrived,
And him of enjoying more pleasure deprived.
This, delight to the heart of his enemy gave;
A short time thereafter, he passed by his grave.
یکی را اجل در سر آورد جیش
سرآمد بر او روزگاران عیش
بداندیش او را درون شاد گشت
به گورش پس از مدتی برگذشت
The cell of his tomb, he saw plastered with clay;
He had seen his gilt house on the previous day.
شبستان گورش در اندوده دید
که وقتی سرایش زر اندوده دید
خرامان به بالینش آمد فراز
همی گفت با خود لب از خنده باز
خوشا وقت مجموع آن کس که اوست
پس از مرگ دشمن در آغوش دوست
پس از مرگ آن کس نباید گریست
که روزی پس از مرگ دشمن بزیست
By the strength of his arm, with malicious intent,
He a slab from the face of the sepulchre rent.
He saw his crowned head lying inside the pit ,
And his world-seeing eyes filled entirely with grit.
ز روی عداوت به بازوی زور
یکی تخته برکندش از روی گور
سر تا جور دیدش اندر مغاک
دو چشم جهان بینش آگنده خاک
His body confined in the tomb-prison lay;
His corpse food for worms and the greedy ant’s prey.
From the sky’s revolutions his full-moon-like face,
To a sharp-pointed crescent had now given place
وجودش گرفتار زندان گور
تنش طعمه کرم و تاراج مور
چنان تنگش آگنده خاک استخوان
که از عاج پر توتیا سرمه دان
And towards him, time had such tyranny shown,
That his cypress-like form, like a toothpick had grown.
The palms of his hands and his fingers of strength,
By time had their pieces disjointed, at length.
ز دور فلک بدر رویش هلال
ز جور زمان سرو قدش خلال
کف دست و سرپنجه زورمند
جدا کرده ایام بندش ز بند
His heart for him sympathy showed, in such way,
That the tears from his eyes wrought his dust into clay.
He regretted the manner he served him from spite;
On the slab of his grave he desired them to write: 
چنانش بر او رحمت آمد ز دل
که بسرشت بر خاکش از گریه گل
پشیمان شد از کرده و خوی زشت
بفرمود بر سنگ گورش نبشت
“At any one’s death, from rejoicing refrain!
For after he dies you a moment remain “.
Some one heard the remark who with wisdom was stored,
And wept, saying, “Oh, Thou Omnipotent Lord!
مکن شادمانی به مرگ کسی
که دهرت نماند پس از وی بسی
شنید این سخن عارفی هوشیار
بنالید کای قادر کردگار
It were strange did Thy mercy to him not extend,
Whose foe for him bitterly wept, like a friend “.
One day will our bodies in like manner turn
That our enemies’ hearts, too, will over them burn.
عجب گر تو رحمت نیاری بر او
که بگریست دشمن به زاری بر او
تن ما شود نیز روزی چنان
که بروی بسوزد دل دشمنان
Perhaps the Friend’s heart will to me mercy show,
When He sees me forgiven, at last, by my foe!
Such a state of the skull will immediately rise,
That you’d say, it had never contained any eyes.
مگر در دل دوست رحم آیدم
چو بیند که دشمن ببخشایدم
به جایی رسد کار سر دیر و زود
که گویی در او دیده هرگز نبود
I struck an earth mound with a pick-axe, one day;
A cry of distress, in my ears seemed to say:
“Take a little more care, if you’re manly, I pray!
There are ear-tips and eyes; face and head in this clay “.
زدم تیشه یک روز بر تل خاک
به گوش آمدم نالهای دردناک
که زنهار اگر مردی آهستهتر
که چشم و بناگوش و روی است و سر


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