Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

From an old man of learning, I thus bear in mind,
That a zealot his head to the desert inclined.
At his absence, his father could eat not nor rest;
The boy they rebuked; thus, himself he expressed:  
  چنین دارم از پیر داننده یاد
که شوریدهای سر به صحرا نهاد
پدر در فراقش نخورد و نخفت
پسر را ملامت بکردند و گفت
Inasmuch as the Friend deigned to call me His own,
From ev’ry one else my affection has flown.
By Truth! until God showed His beauty to me,
All else I had seen was but fancy set free.”  
  از انگه که یارم کس خویش خواند
دگر با کسم آشنایی نماند
به حقش که تا حق جمالم نمود
دگر هرچه دیدم خیالم نمود
He’s not lost who averted his face from mankind ;
But his ” Lost One” again, he has managed to find.
Those enraptured of God, who beneath the sky dwell,
May be said to be angels and wild beasts, as well.  
  نشد گم که روی از خلایق بتافت
که گم کرده خویش را باز یافت
پراگند گانند زیر فلک
که هم دد توان خواندشان هم ملک
In remembrance of God, like the angels, they’re high ;
Night and day from mankind, like the wild beasts, they fly.  
  زیاد ملک چون ملک نارمند
شب و روز چون دد ز مردم رمند
Strong in arm, though their hands are, from helplessness,; shrunk
Philosophers frantic; sagacious men drunk
Now patching their clothes in a corner, content ;
Then engaged in th’ assembly, on burning them bent.  
  قوی بازوانند و کوتاه دست
خردمند شیدا و هشیار مست
گه آسوده در گوشه‌ای خرقه دوز
گه آشفته در مجلسی خرقه سوز
No regard for themselves and of others no thought ;
In their nook of God’s “Oneness” for others, no spot
Bewildered in reason; intelligence lost
To the words of admonishers deaf as a post !  
  نه سودای خودشان، نه پروای کس
نه در کنج توحیدشان جای کس
پریشیده عقل و پراگنده هوش
ز قول نصیحتگر آگنده گوش
There’s no chance of a duck, in the sea, being drowned ;
In the cold salamander what dread of fire’s found ?
They are full of ambition, no wealth do they own ;
They fearlessly travel the desert alone.  
  به دریا نخواهد شدن بط غریق
سمندر چه داند عذاب الحریق؟
تهیدست مردان پر حوصله
بیابان نوردان بی قافله
They expect not mankind to be pleased with their ways ;
They’re approved of by God, and that amply repays.
They are dear ones, concealed from the people’s dim eyes ;
No Brahminical thread ‘neath their tattered clothes lies.
ندارند چشم از خلایق پسند
که ایشان پسندیده حق بسند
عزیزان پوشیده از چشم خلق
نه زنار داران پوشیده دلق
Full of fruit and of shade and, if like the grape too,
They’re not wicked, like us, and dyed over with blue.
پر از میوه و سایه ور چون رزند
نه چون ما سیهکار و ازرق رزند
Like shell-fish, they’re silent within their own home,
And not like the ocean when lashed into foam.
Skin and bone put together may not be mankind ;
In each figure a soul, knowing God, you can’t find.
بخود سر فرو برده همچون صدف
نه مانند دریا برآورده کف
نه مردم همین استخوانند و پوست
نه هر صورتی جان معنی در اوست
The king does not buy ev’ry slave in the mart ;
Each old, tattered robe does not hide a live heart !
Were a pearl to be formed from each globule of hail,
Thick as shells they would be in the market, for sale.
نه سلطان خریدار هر بنده‌ای است
نه در زیر هر ژنده‌ای زنده‌ای است
اگر ژاله هر قطره‌ای در شدی
چو خرمهره بازار از او پر شدی
They do not, like rope-dancers, wooden clogs wear —
Wooden shoes render walking an uphill affair.
Companions of God’s private mansion on high ;
By a draught, till the last trump, oblivious they lie.
چو غازی به خود بر نبندند پای
که محکم رود پای چوبین ز جای
حریفان خلوت سرای الست
به یک جرعه تا نفخه صورمست
For the sword, they won’t part from the object they own;
For chasteness and love, are the crystal and stone.  
  به تیغ از غرض بر نگیرند چنگ
که پرهیز و عشق آبگینه‌ست و سنگ


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