A comparison (showing that) the bonds

A comparison (showing that) the bonds and snares of Destiny, though outwardly invisible, are manifest in their effects. تشبیه بند و دام قضا به صورت پنهان به اثر پیدا

بینی اندر دلق مهتر زاده‌ای سر برهنه در بلا افتاده‌ای
You may see a nobleman’s son in a tattered cloak, bareheaded, fallen into affliction.
در هوای نابکاری سوخته اقمشه و املاک خود بفروخته
(He is) consumed with passion for some ne’er-do-well, (he has) sold his furniture and properties.
خان و مان رفته شده بدنام و خوار کام دشمن می‌رود ادبیروار
His household (is) gone, (he has) become ill-famed and despised; he walks along like (one in) misfortune, to the joy of his foes.
زاهدی بیند بگوید ای کیا همتی می‌دار از بهر خدا
(If) he sees an ascetic, he will say, “O venerable sir, bestow on me a benediction for God’s sake,
کاندرین ادبار زشت افتاده‌ام مال و زر و نعمت از کف داده‌ام
For I have fallen into this ugly misfortune and have let wealth and gold and happiness go from my hand.
همتی تا بوک من زین وا رهم زین گل تیره بود که بر جهم
(Give me) a benediction, so that maybe I shall be delivered from this (woe) and maybe escape from this dark clay.
این دعا می‌خواهد او از عام و خاص کالخلاص و الخلاص و الخلاص
He is begging this prayer of high and low, crying, “Release and release and release!”
دست باز و پای باز و بند نی نه موکل بر سرش نه آهنی
His hand is free and his foot free, and there is no chain, no custodian (standing) over him, no iron (gyve).
از کدامین بند می‌جویی خلاص وز کدامین حبس می‌جویی مناص
From what chain art thou seeking release, and from what imprisonment art thou seeking to escape?
بند تقدیر و قضای مختفی کی نبیند آن بجز جان صفی
(From) the hidden chain of fore-ordainment and destiny, which none but the elect spirit may behold.
گرچه پیدا نیست آن در مکمنست بتر از زندان و بند آهنست
Though it is not visible, it is (there) in ambush; it is worse that prison and chains of iron,
زانک آهنگر مر آن را بشکند حفره گر هم خشت زندان بر کند
Because that (iron chain) the ironsmith may break, and the excavator may even dig up the bricks (foundations) of the prison;
ای عجب این بند پنهان گران عاجز از تکسیر آن آهنگران
Vision of that chain (of Destiny) belongs to Ahmad (Mohammed): (he saw it) on the throat bound with a cord of palm-fibres.
دیدن آن بند احمد را رسد بر گلوی بسته حبل من مسد
Vision of that chain (of Destiny) belongs to Ahmad (Mohammad): (he saw it) on the throat bound wit acord of palm-fibres.
دید بر پشت عیال بولهب تنگ هیزم گفت حماله‌ی حطب
He saw a load of firewood on the back of Abu Lahab’s wife and said,the carrier of faggots(for Hell-fire).
حبل و هیزم را جز او چشمی ندید که پدید آید برو هر ناپدید
The cord and the firewood no eye beheld but his, for to him every unseen thing becomes visible.
باقیانش جمله تاویلی کنند کین ز بیهوشیست و ایشان هوشمند
All the rest interpret it (falsely), for this (vision) arises from senselessness (spiritual rapture), and they are sensible.
لیک از تاثیر آن پشتش دوتو گشته و نالان شده او پیش تو
But from the effect of that (chain) his (the sufferer’s) back has been bent double, and he is moaning before you,
که دعایی همتی تا وا رهم تا ازین بند نهان بیرون جهم
(And crying), ‘A prayer! A benediction !that I may be delivered and that I may escape from this hidden chain.”
آنک بیند این علامتها پدید چون نداند او شقی را از سعید
He who sees these signs clearly, how should not he know the damned from the blest?
داند و پوشد بامر ذوالجلال که نباشد کشف راز حق حلال
He knows, and by command of the Almighty he conceals (it), for it would not be lawful to divulge the secret of God.
این سخن پایان ندارد آن فقیر از مجاعت شد زبون و تن اسیر
This discourse hath no end. That dervish, through hunger, became feeble and his body a prisoner.




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