The rest of the Story of the ascetic

The rest of the Story of the ascetic of the mountain who had made a vow that he would not pluck any mountain fruit from the trees or shake the trees or tell any one to shake them, either plainly or in veiled terms, and that he would only eat what the wind might cause to fall from the trees. بقیه‌ی قصه‌ی آن زاهد کوهی کی نذر کرده بود کی میوه‌ی کوهی از درخت باز نکنم و درخت نفشانم و کسی را نگویم صریح و کنایت کی بیفشان آن خورم کی باد افکنده باشد از درخت

اندر آن که بود اشجار و ثمار بس مرودی کوهی آنجا بی‌شمار
On that mountain were trees and fruits; there were many mountain-pears- (they were) numberless.
گفت آن درویش یا رب با تو من عهد کردم زین نچینم در زمن
The dervish said, “O Lord, I make a covenant with Thee (that) I will not pluck any of these during the time (of my life).
جز از آن میوه که باد انداختش من نچینم از درخت منتعش
I will not pluck from the raised-up (lofty) tress (aught) but the fruit that the wind has caused to fall.”
مدتی بر نذر خود بودش وفا تا در آمد امتحانات قضا
For a while he kept his vow faithfully: (he kept it) till the tribulations of Destiny came on.
زین سبب فرمود استثنا کنید گر خدا خواهد به پیمان بر زنید
On this account He (God) hath commanded, saying, “Make the exception: attach (the words) ‘if God will’ to your promise.
هر زمان دل را دگر میلی دهم هرنفس بر دل دگر داغی نهم
Every instant I give to the heart a different desire, every moment I lay upon the heart a different brand.
کل اصباح لنا شان جدید کل شیء عن مرادی لا یحید
At every dawn I have a new employment: nothing turns aside from that (course) which I have willed.”
در حدیث آمد که دل همچون پریست در بیابانی اسیر صرصریست
It has come down in the Traditions (of the Prophet) that the heart is like a feather in a desert, the captive of a violent blast.
باد پر را هر طرف راند گزاف گه چپ و گه راست با صد اختلاف
The wind drives the feather recklessly in every direction, now left, now right, with a hundred diversities.
در حدیث دیگر این دل دان چنان کب جوشان ز آتش اندر قازغان
In another Tradition (the Prophet said), “Deem this heart to be as water boiling in a cauldron from (the heat of) fire.”
هر زمان دل را دگر رایی بود آن نه از وی لیک از جایی بود
At every time the heart has a different resolution: that (resolution) is not (derived) from it, but from a certain place.
پس چرا آمن شوی بر رای دل عهد بندی تا شوی آخر خجل
Why, then, will you trust in the heart’s resolution and make a covenant, that in the end you should be shamed?
این هم از تاثیر حکمست و قدر چاه می‌بیینی و نتوانی حذر
This too is from the effect of the(Divine) ordinance and decree, (that) you see the pit and cannot take precaution.
نیست خود ازمرغ پران این عجب که نبیند دام و افتد در عطب
‘Tis no wonder, indeed, for the flying bird not to see the snare (and so) fall into destruction;
این عجب که دام بیند هم وتد گر بخواهد ور نخواهد می‌فتد
The wonder is that it should see both the snare and the net-pin and fall (into the snare) willy-nilly.
چشم باز و گوش باز و دام پیش سوی دامی می‌پرد با پر خویش
(With) eye open and ear open and the snare in front, it is flying towards a snare with its own wings.




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