Beseeching the Lord, who is our Helper

Beseeching the Lord, who is our Helper, to help us to observe self-control in all circumstances, and explaining the harmful and pernicious consequences of indiscipline. از خداوند در خواستن توفیق رعایت ادب در همه حالها

از خدا جوییم توفیق ادب
بی‌ادب محروم گشت از لطف رب
Let us implore God to help us to self-control: one who lacks self-control is deprived of the grace of the Lord.
بی‌ادب تنها نه خود را داشت بد
بلک آتش در همه آفاق زد
The undisciplined man does not maltreat himself alone, but he sets the whole world on fire
مایده از آسمان در می‌رسید
بی‌شری و بیع و بی‌گفت و شنید
A table (of food) was coming down from heaven without buying and selling and without speaking and hearing,
درمیان قوم موسی چند کس
بی‌ادب گفتند کو سیر و عدس
(When) some of the people of Moses cried disrespectfully, “Where is garlic and lentils?”
منقطع شد خوان و نان از آسمان
ماند رنج زرع و بیل و داس‌مان
(Straightway) the heavenly bread and dishes (of food) were cut off: there remained for us (their successors) the toil of sowing and (labouring with) mattock and scythe.
باز عیسی چون شفاعت کرد حق
خوان فرستاد و غنیمت بر طبق
Again, when Jesus made intercession, God sent food and bounty (from heaven) on trays,

مائده از آسمان شد عائده
چون که گفت انزل علینا مائده
But once more the insolent fellows omitted to show respect and, like beggars, snatched away the viands.
باز گستاخان ادب بگذاشتند
چون گدایان زله‌ها برداشتند
(Although) Jesus entreated them, saying, “This is lasting and will not fail from off the earth.”
لابه کرده عیسی ایشان را که این
دایمست و کم نگردد از زمین
To show suspicion and greed at the table of Majesty is ingratitude.
بدگمانی کردن و حرص‌آوری
کفر باشد پیش خوان مهتری
Because of those impudent wretches who were blinded by greed, that gate of mercy was closed upon them.
زان گدارویان نادیده ز آز
آن در رحمت بریشان شد فراز
On account of withholding the poor-tax no rain-clouds arise, and in consequence of fornication the plague spreads in all directions.
ابر بر ناید پی منع زکات
وز زنا افتد وبا اندر جهات
Whatever befalls thee of gloom and sorrow is the result of irreverence and insolence withal.
هر چه بر تو آید از ظلمات و غم
آن ز بی‌باکی و گستاخیست هم
Any one behaving with irreverence in the path of the Friend is a brigand who robs men, and he is no man.

هر که بی‌باکی کند در راه دوست
ره‌زن مردان شد و نامرد اوست
Through discipline this Heaven has been filled with light, and through discipline the angels became immaculate and holy.

از ادب پرنور گشته‌ست این فلک
وز ادب معصوم و پاک آمد ملک
By reason of irreverence the sun was eclipsed, and insolence caused an ‘Azázíl to be turned back from the door.
بد ز گستاخی کسوف آفتاب
شد عزازیلی ز جرات رد باب
By reason of irreverence the sun was eclipsed, and insolence caused an ‘Azázíl to be turned back from the door.



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