Commentary on the prayer of the two angels

Commentary on the prayer of the two angels who daily make proclamation in every market, saying, “O God, bestow on every liberal one some boon in exchange! O God, bestow on every parsimonious one some bane (in return)”; and an explanation that the liberal one is he that strives earnestly in the Way of God, not he that squanders his wealth in the way of sensuality تفسیر دعای آن دو فرشته که هر روز بر سر هر بازاری منادی می‌‌کنند که اللهم أعط کل منفق خلفا اللهم أعط کل ممسک تلفا و بیان کردن که آن منفق مجاهد راه حق است نه مسرف راه هوا

گفت پیغمبر که دایم بهر پند
دو فرشته‌‌ی خوش منادی می‌‌کنند
The Prophet said, “For admonishment’s sake two goodly angels are always making proclamation,
کای خدایا منفقان را سیر دار
هر درمشان را عوض ده صد هزار
Saying, ‘O God, keep the prodigals fully satisfied, give hundred-thousandfold recompense for every dirhem that they spend.
ای خدایا ممسکان را در جهان
تو مده الا زیان اندر زیان‌‌
O God, do not give the niggards in this world anything but loss upon loss!’”
ای بسا امساک کز انفاق به
مال حق را جز به امر حق مده‌‌
Oh, (there is) many an act of niggardliness that is better than prodigality: do not bestow what belongs to God except by the command of God,
تا عوض یابی تو گنج بی‌‌کران
تا نباشی از عداد کافران‌‌
That thou mayst gain infinite treasure in return, and that thou mayst not be numbered among the infidels
کاشتران قربان همی‌‌کردند تا
چیره گردد تیغشان بر مصطفا
Who were offering camels in sacrifice in order that their swords might prevail against Mustafá.
امر حق را باز جو از واصلی
امر حق را در نیابد هر دلی‌‌
Endeavour to find out the command of God from one who is united (with God): not every heart understands the command of God,
چون غلام یاغیی کاو عدل کرد
مال شه بر باغیان او بذل کرد
As (for example) the slave, the enemy (of God), who did justice (in his own opinion, and) bestowed what belonged to the King upon His enemies who rebelled against Him
در نبی انذار اهل غفلت است
کان همه انفاقهاشان حسرت است‌‌
In the Qur’án there is warning to the heedless that all their spendings are a (cause of) bitter grief to them
عدل این یاغی و دادش نزد شاه
چه فزاید دوری و روی سیاه‌‌
What increase does the equity and justice of this enemy produce in the sight of the King? Banishment and a black countenance (disgrace).
سروران مکه در حرب رسول
بودشان قربان به اومید قبول‌‌
The chiefs of Mecca (when) at war with the Prophet offered sacrifice in hope of (Divine) favour.
بهر این مومن همی‌‌گوید ز بیم
در نماز اهد الصراط المستقیم‌‌
On this account the true believer is saying in his prayer, from fear, “Lead (us) in the right path!”
آن درم دادن سخی را لایق است
جان سپردن خود سخای عاشق است‌‌
It beseems the generous man thus to give money, (but) verily the generosity of the lover is the surrender of his soul (life).
نان دهی از بهر حق نانت دهند
جان دهی از بهر حق جانت دهند
If you give bread for God’s sake, you will be given bread (in return); if you give your life for God’s sake, you will be given life (in return).
گر بریزد برگهای این چنار
برگ بی‌‌برگیش بخشد کردگار
If the leaves of this plane-tree drop off, the Creator will bestow on it the provision of leaflessness (spiritual poverty).
گر نماند از جود در دست تو مال
کی کند فضل خدایت پای مال‌‌
If because of your liberality no wealth remains in your hand, how should the bounty of God let you be down-trodden?
هر که کارد گردد انبارش تهی
لیکش اندر مزرعه باشد بهی‌‌
When any one sows, his barn becomes empty (of seed), but there is goodliness in his cornfield;
و آن که در انبار ماند و صرفه کرد
اشپش و موش و حوادث پاک خورد
And, if he leaves it (the seed) in the barn and saves it up, weevils and mice and calamities (of time and decay) devour it entirely.
این جهان نفی است در اثبات جو
صورتت صفر است در معنات جو
This world is negation (of reality): seek (reality) in affirmation (of God). Your form (body) is void (of reality): seek in your essence.
جان شور تلخ پیش تیغ بر
جان چون دریای شیرین را بخر
Bring the briny bitter (animal) soul to the sword: buy the (heavenly) soul that is like a great sweet river.
ور نمی‌‌دانی شدن زین آستان
باری از من گوش کن این داستان‌‌
And if you cannot become (one of the frequenters) of this threshold (sublime court), at least hear from me the following tale.




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