Story of the watchman who kept silence

Story of the watchman who kept silence till the robbers had carried off the entire stock of the merchants, but afterwards made an outcry and did the duty of a watchman. حکایت پاسبان کی خاموش کرد تا دزدان رخت تاجران بردند به کلی بعد از آن هیهای و پاسبانی می‌کرد

پاسبانی خفت و دزد اسباب برد رختها را زیر هر خاکی فشرد
A certain watchman fell asleep. The robbers carried off the goods and secreted the (various) articles under any piece of earth.
روز شد بیدار شد آن کاروان دید رفته رخت و سیم و اشتران
(When) it was day, the caravaneers awoke: they saw that stock and money and camels were gone.
پس بدو گفتند ای حارس بگو که چه شد این رخت و این اسباب کو
Then they said to him, “O watchman, tell (us) what has happened. Where are this stock and these goods?”
گفت دزدان آمدند اندر نقاب رختها بردند از پیشم شتاب
He replied, “The robbers came unexpectedly, and hastily carried off the stock from before me.”
قوم گفتندش که ای چو تل ریگ پس چه می‌کردی کیی ای مردریگ
The party (of merchants) said to him, “O man (weak) as a sandhill, what were you doing, then? Who are you, O recreant?”
گفت من یک کس بدم ایشان گروه با سلاح و با شجاعت با شکوه
“I was (only one,” said he, “and they were a band, armed and brave and formidable.”
گفت اگر در جنگ کم بودت امید نعره‌ای زن کای کریمان برجهید
He (the spokesman of the merchants) said, “If you had no hope (of overcoming them) in battle, (why didn’t you) shout, ‘Gentlemen, spring up (from your beds)?’” 
گفت آن دم کارد بنمودند و تیغ که خمش ورنه کشیمت بی‌دریغ
He replied, “At that moment they produced knives and swords, crying, ‘Silence! or we will kill you ruthlessly.’
آن زمان از ترس بستم من دهان این زمان هیهای و فریاد و فغان
At that time I shut my mouth in terror; at this time (I can utter) screams and calls for help and cries of distress.
آن زمان بست آن دمم که دم زنم این زمان چندانک خواهی هی کنم
At that time my breath was stopped from breathing a word: at this time I will scream as much as you please.”
چونک عمرت برد دیو فاضحه بی‌نمک باشد اعوذ و فاتحه
After the Devil who exposes (sinners) to disgrace has carried off your life, it is foolish (to cry) “I take refuge (with God)” and (to recite) the Fátiha;
گرچه باشد بی‌نمک اکنون حنین هست غفلت بی‌نمک‌تر زان یقین
(But) though ’tis foolish to moan now, (yet) assuredly heedlessness is (even) more foolish than that (tardy supplication).
هم‌چنین هم بی‌نمک می‌نال نیز که ذلیلان را نظر کن ای عزیز
Continue to sob thus, even foolishly, crying, “Regard the base (sinners), O Almighty One!
قادری بی‌گاه باشد یا به گاه از تو چیزی فوت کی شد ای اله
Whether it be late or early, Thou art omnipotent: when did anything escape Thee, O God?”
شاه لا تاسوا علی ما فاتکم کی شود از قدرتش مطلوب گم
The King of (that ye) may not grieve for what hath escaped you how should the object of (your) desire vanish from (the range of) His power?




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