Commentary on the Tradition that Mustafá

Commentary on the Tradition that Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, said, “Do not declare me to be more excellent than Yúnus ibn Mattá.”تفسیر این خبر کی مصطفی علیه السلام فرمود لا تفضلونی علی یونس بن متی

گفت پیغامبر که معراج مرا نیست بر معراج یونس اجتبا
The Prophet said, “No preference is (to be given) to my ascension as being superior to the ascension of Yúnus (Jonah).
آن من بر چرخ و آن او نشیب زانک قرب حق برونست از حساب
Mine was up to heaven, and his was down below (in the belly of the Fish), because nighness unto God is beyond calculation.”
قرب نه بالا نه پستی رفتنست قرب حق از حبس هستی رستنست
To be nigh (unto God) is not to go up or down: to be nigh unto God is to escape from the prison of existence.
نیست را چه جای بالا است و زیر نیست را نه زود و نه دورست و دیر
What room hath non-existence for “up” and “down”? Non-existence hath no “soon” or “far” or “late.”
کارگاه و گنج حق در نیستیست غره‌ی هستی چه دانی نیست چیست
The laboratory and treasure of God is in non-existence. Thou art deluded by existence: how shouldst thou know what non-existence is?
حاصل این اشکست ایشان ای کیا می‌نماند هیچ با اشکست ما
The sum of the matter (is that) this defeat of theirs, O sire, does not resemble our defeat at all.
آنچنان شادند در ذل و تلف همچو ما در وقت اقبال و شرف
They rejoice in being abased and destroyed, just as we (rejoice) in the hour of success and honour.
برگ بی‌برگی همه اقطاع اوست فقر و خواریش افتخارست و علوست
The provision of unprovidedness is all (that has been assigned to the Prophet as) his fief: poverty and lowliness are his pride and glory.
آن یکی گفت ار چنانست آن ندید چون بخندید او که ما را بسته دید
One (of the captives) said, “If that adversary (of ours) is such (as you describe), how did he laugh when he saw us bound (in chains)?
چونک او مبدل شدست و شادیش نیست زین زندان و زین آزادیش
Since (as you assert) he has been transmuted, and (since) his joy is not caused by this (worldly) prison and this freedom of his (from worldly embarrassments),
پس به قهر دشمنان چون شاد شد چون ازین فتح و ظفر پر باد شد
How, then, did he rejoice at the subjection of (his) enemies? How was he puffed up by this victory and conquest?
شاد شد جانش که بر شیران نر یافت آسان نصرت و دست و ظفر
His soul rejoiced because he easily gained the (Divine) help and the upper hand and the victory over fierce lions (like us).
پس بدانستیم کو آزاد نیست جز به دنیا دلخوش و دلشاد نیست
Hence we knew that he is not free (from the bondage of the flesh), and that only on account of this world is he happy and glad at heart.
ورنه چون خندد که اهل آن جهان بر بد و نیک‌اند مشفق مهربان
Else, how should he laugh (at us)? for the otherworldly are compassionate and kind to the evil and the good (alike).”
این بمنگیدند در زیر زبان آن اسیران با هم اندر بحث آن
Thus did those captives mutter to each other under their breath in discussing that (question),
تا موکل نشنود بر ما جهد خود سخن در گوش آن سلطان برد
(Saying, “Beware) lest the custodian hear (us) and spring upon us and personally carry our words to the ear of that (spiritual) Sultan.”




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