The hidden reason why God

The hidden reason why God most High gave the title of “victory” to the return of the Prophet, on whom be peace, from Hudaybiya without having gained his purpose: as (God said), “Lo, We have opened (to thee the way to) victory”; for it was a locking in appearance (only), and in reality an opening, just as the crushing of musk is apparently a crushing, but really the confirmation of its muskiness and the exhibition of its virtues in their perfection.سر آنک بی‌مراد بازگشتن رسول علیه السلام از حدیبیه حق تعالی لقب آن فتح کرد کی انا فتحنا کی به صورت غلق بود و به معنی فتح چنانک شکستن مشک به ظاهر شکستن است و به معنی درست کردنست مشکی او را و تکمیل فواید اوست

آمدش پیغام از دولت که رو تو ز منع این ظفر غمگین مشو
From the (Divine) empire came to him the message, “Go, be not saddened by the withholding of this victory,
کاندرین خواری نقدت فتحهاست نک فلان قلعه فلان بقعه تراست
For in this present abasement of thee there are victories: lo, such and such a fortress, such and such a town, are (given) to thee.”
بنگر آخر چونک واگردید تفت بر قریظه و بر نضیر از وی چه رفت
Consider, after all, when he retreated in haste, what (great things) he did against Qurayza and Nadír.
قلعه‌ها هم گرد آن دو بقعه‌ها شد مسلم وز غنایم نفعها
The fortresses, also, round those two settlements submitted (to him), and (many) advantages (in the shape) of spoils (came into his hands).
ور نباشد آن تو بنگر کین فریق پر غم و رنجند و مفتون و عشیق
And if that be not so, consider that this class (of persons) are sorrowful and woeful and distraught and enamoured (of God).
زهر خواری را چو شکر می‌خورند خار غمها را چو اشتر می‌چرند
They eat the poison of abasement, like sugar; they feed, like camels, on the thistle of sorrows.
بهر عین غم نه از بهر فرج این تسافل پیش ایشان چون درج
(This they do) for the sake of the sorrow itself, not for the sake of relief (from sorrow): in their eyes this lowliness is as a ladder.
آنچنان شادند اندر قعر چاه که همی‌ترسند از تخت و کلاه
So glad are they at the bottom of the pit that they are afraid of the throne and the tiara.
هر کجا دلبر بود خود همنشین فوق گردونست نه زیر زمین
Every place where the Beloved himself is their companion is above the sky, not below the earth.




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