Conclusion of the Story of the fakir

Conclusion of the Story of the fakir and (a description of) the signs indicating the position of the treasure. تمامی قصه‌ی آن فقیر و نشان جای آن گنج

اندر آن رقعه نبشته بود این که برون شهر گنجی دان دفین
This is what was written in the scroll “Know that outside of the town a treasure is buried.
آن فلان قبه که در وی مشهدست پشت او در شهر و در در فدفدست
(Go to) such-and-such a domed building in which there is a martyr’s shrine, with its back to the town and its gate towards the desert.
پشت با وی کن تو رو در قبله آر وانگهان از قوس تیری بر گذار
Turn your back to it and face the qibla (Mecca) and then let loose an arrow from your bow.
چون فکندی تیر از قوس ای سعاد بر کن آن موضع که تیرت اوفتاد
When you have shot the arrow from your bow, O fortunate one, dig up the place where your arrow fell.” 
پس کمان سخت آورد آن فتی تیر پرانید در صحن فضا
Thereupon the youth fetched a strongbow and let fly an arrow into the expanse of (aerial) space,
زو تبر آورد و بیل او شاد شاد کند آن موضع که تیرش اوفتاد
And quickly and with great joy brought a pick-axe and mattock and dug up the spot where his arrow had fallen;
کند شد هم او و هم بیل و تبر خود ندید از گنج پنهانی اثر
(But) both he and the mattock and pick-axe were worn out (in vain efforts), and he found not even a trace of the hidden treasure.
هم‌چنین هر روز تیر انداختی لیک جای گنج را نشناختی
Every day in like fashion he was shooting arrows, but never getting to know the situation of the treasure.
چونک این را پیشه کرد او بر دوام فجفجی در شهر افتاد و عوام
Since he made this his continual practice, a whispered rumour arose in the city and (among) the people.




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