Return to the Story of the man who incurred

Return to the Story of the man who incurred (great) debts and his coming to Tabríz in hope of (enjoying) the favour of the Inspector of Police. رجوع کردن به حکایت آن شخص وام کرده و آمدن او به امید عنایت آن محتسب سوی تبریز

آن غریب ممتحن از بیم وام در ره آمد سوی آن دارالسلام
The poor stranger, (who was) afflicted with fear on account of his debts, set out on the way to that Abode of Peace.
شد سوی تبریز و کوی گلستان خفته اومیدش فراز گل ستان
He went to Tabríz and the rose-garden district: his hope was reclining (luxuriously) on roses.
زد ز دارالملک تبریز سنی بر امیدش روشنی بر روشنی
From the glorious imperial city of Tabríz darted (beams of) light upon light (and shed radiance) on his hope.
جانش خندان شد از آن روضه‌ی رجال از نسیم یوسف و مصر وصال
His spirit was laughing for (joy in) that orchard of (noble) men and the fragrant breeze (blowing) from Joseph and the Egypt of union.
گفت یا حادی انخ لی ناقتی جاء اسعادی و طارت فاقتی
He cried, “O cameleer, let my camel kneel for me (to alight): my help is come and my need is flown.
ابرکی یا ناقتی طاب الامور ان تبریزا مناخات الصدور
Kneel down, O my camel! All goes well: verily, Tabríz is the place where princes alight (and abide).
اسرحی یا ناقتی حول الریاض ان تبریزا لنا نعم المفاض
Graze, O my camel, round the meadows: verily Tabríz is for us the most excellent source of bountifulness.
ساربانا بار بگشا ز اشتران شهر تبریزست و کوی گلستان
O camel-driver, unload the camels: ’tis the city of Tabríz and the district of the rose-garden.
فر فردوسیست این پالیز را شعشعه‌ی عرشیست این تبریز را
This garden hath the splendour of Paradise: this Tabríz hath the brilliance of Heaven.
هر زمانی نور روح‌انگیز جان از فراز عرش بر تبریزیان
At every moment of time joy-enkindling odours diffused by the Spirit (are floating down) from above the empyrean upon the inhabitants of Tabríz.”
چون وثاق محتسب جست آن غریب خلق گفتندش که بگذشت آن حبیب
When the poor stranger sought the Inspector’s house, the people told him that the loved one had passed away.
او پریر از دار دنیا نقل کرد مرد و زن از واقعه‌ی او روی‌زرد
“The day before yesterday,” they said, “he removed from this world: (every) man and woman is pale (with grief) for the calamity that has overtaken him.
رفت آن طاوس عرشی سوی عرش چون رسید از هاتفانش بوی عرش
That celestial peacock went to Heaven, when the scent (intimation) of Heaven reached him from invisible messengers.
سایه‌اش گرچه پناه خلق بود در نوردید آفتابش زود زود
Although his shadow was the refuge of people (seeking protection), the Sun rolled it up very quickly.
راند او کشتی ازین ساحل پریر گشته بود آن خواجه زین غم‌خانه سیر
He pushed off his boat from this beach the day before yesterday: the Khwája had become sated with this house of sorrow.”
نعره‌ای زد مرد و بیهوش اوفتاد گوییا او نیز در پی جان بداد
The (poor) man shrieked and fell senseless: you would say that he too had given up the ghost (and followed) on the heels (of his friend).
پس گلاب و آب بر رویش زدند همرهان بر حالتش گریان شدند
Then they threw julep and water on his face: his fellow-travellers wept and bewailed his plight.
تا به شب بی‌خویش بود و بعد از آن نیم مرده بازگشت از غیب جان
He remained unconscious till nightfall, and then his soul returned, half-dead, from the Unseen.




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