Explaining that the idle folk

Explaining that the idle folk

Explaining that the idle folk who wish (to hear) stories are like the Turk, and that the deluding and treacherous World is like the tailor, and that lusts and women are (like) this World’s telling laughable jokes, and that Life resembles the piece of satin placed before this Tailor to be made into a coat of eternity and a garment of piety. بیان آنک بی‌کاران و افسانه‌جویان مثل آن ترک‌اند و عالم غرار غدار هم‌چو آن درزی و شهوات و زبان مضاحک گفتن این دنیاست و عمر هم‌چون آن اطلس پیش این درزی جهت قبای بقا و لباس تقوی ساختن

اطلس عمرت به مقراض شهور برد پاره‌پاره خیاط غرور
The Tailor, (who is) Worldly Vanity, takes away the satin of your life, bit by bit, with his scissors, (which are) the months.
تو تمنا می‌بری که اختر مدام لاغ کردی سعد بودی بر دوام
You wish that your star might always jest and your happiness continue for ever.
سخت می‌تولی ز تربیعات او وز دلال و کینه و آفات او
You are very angry with its quartile aspects and its disdain and enmity and mischiefs;
سخت می‌رنجی ز خاموشی او وز نحوس و قبض و کین‌کوشی او
You are very annoyed with its silence and inauspiciousness and severity and its endeavour to show hostility,
که چرا زهره‌ی طرب در رقص نیست بر سعود و رقص سعد او مه‌ایست
Saying, ‘Why doesn’t the merry Venus dance?’ Do not depend on its good luck and auspicious dance.
اخترت گوید که گر افزون کنم لاغ را پس کلیت مغبون کنم
Your star says, ‘If I jest any more, I shall cause you to be swindled entirely.’
تو مبین قلابی این اختران عشق خود بر قلب‌زن بین ای مهان
Do not regard the counterfeiting of these stars: regard your love for the counterfeiter, O despicable man.




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