Explaining that the intellect and spirit

Explaining that the intellect and spirit are imprisoned in clay, like Hárút and Márút in the pit of Babylon. در بیان آنک عقل و روح در آب و گل محبوس‌اند هم‌چون هاروت و ماروت در چاه بابل

هم‌چو هاروت و چو ماروت آن دو پاک
بسته‌اند اینجا به چاه سهمناک
Like Hárút and Márút, those two pure ones (the intellect and spirit) have been confined here (in this world) in a horrible pit.
عالم سفلی و شهوانی درند
اندرین چه گشته‌اند از جرم‌بند
They are in the low and sensual world: they have been confined in this pit on account of sin.
سحر و ضد سحر را بی‌اختیار
زین دو آموزند نیکان و شرار
The good and the evil (alike) learn magic and the opposite of magic from these twain involuntarily;
لیک اول پند بدهندش که هین
سحر را از ما میاموز و مچین
But first they admonish him, saying, “Beware, do not learn and pick up magic from us:
ما بیاموزیم این سحر ای فلان
از برای ابتلا و امتحان
We teach this magic, O such and such, for the purpose of trial and probation;
که امتحان را شرط باشد اختیار
اختیاری نبودت بی‌اقتدار
(But thou art free to choose), for probation necessarily involves free-will, and thou canst not have any (effective) free-will without the power (of action).”
میلها هم‌چون سگان خفته‌اند
اندریشان خیر و شر بنهفته‌اند
Desires are like sleeping dogs: good and evil are hidden in them.
چونک قدرت نیست خفتند این رده
هم‌چو هیزم‌پاره‌ها و تن‌زده
When there is no power (of action), this troop (of desires) are asleep and silent like faggots (smouldering in the fire),
تا که مرداری در آید در میان
نفخ صور حرص کوبد بر سگان
Until (when) a carcase comes into view, the blast of the trumpet of greed strikes on (suddenly rouses) the dogs.
چون در آن کوچه خری مردار شد
صد سگ خفته بدان بیدار شد
When the carcase of a donkey appears in the parish, a hundred sleeping dogs are awakened by it.
حرصهای رفته اندر کتم غیب
تاختن آورد سر بر زد ز جیب
The greedy desires that had gone into the concealment of the Unseen rush out and display themselves.
موبه موی هر سگی دندان شده
وز برای حیله دم جنبان شده
Every hair on every dog becomes (like) a sooth, though they wag their tails (fawningly) for the sake of gaining their object.
نیم زیرش حیله بالا آن غضب
چون ضعیف آتش که یابد او حطب
His (the dog’s) under-half is cunning, (while) the upper (half) is anger, like a poor fire that gets faggots (fuel);
شعله شعله می‌رسد از لامکان
می‌رود دود لهب تا آسمان
Flame on flame reaches (it) from (the realm of) non-spatiality: the smoke of its blaze goes up to the sky.
صد چنین سگ اندرین تن خفته‌اند
چون شکاری نیستشان بنهفته‌اند
In this body (of ours) a hundred such dogs are sleeping: when they have no prey (in sight), they are hidden.
یا چو بازانند و دیده دوخته
در حجاب از عشق صیدی سوخته
Or they resemble falcons with eyes sealed (covered); (yet) in the veil (hood) consumed with passion for a prey,
تا کله بردارد و بیند شکار
آنگهان سازد طواف کوهسار
Till he (the Falconer) lifts the hood and it (the falcon) sees the prey: then it circles the mountains (in pursuit).
شهوت رنجور ساکن می‌بود
خاطر او سوی صحت می‌رود
The appetite of the sick man is quiescent: his thoughts are going (are turned) towards health.
چون ببیند نان و سیب و خربزه
در مصاف آید مزه و خوف بزه
When he sees bread and apples and water-melons, his relish and his fear of injury (to himself) come into conflict.
گر بود صبار دیدن سود اوست
آن تهیج طبع سستش را نکوست
If he be very self-restrained, the sight (of the food) is a benefit to him: that stimulation (of appetite) is good for his enfeebled constitution;
ور نباشد صبر پس نادیده به
تیر دور اولی ز مرد بی‌زره
But if he have not self-restraint, then it were better he had not seen (the food): ’tis better the arrow should be far from the man who is without a coat of mail.




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