How the ass answered the fox

How the ass answered the fox

How the ass answered the fox. جواب گفتن خر روباه را

گفت از ضعف توکل باشد آن ورنه بدهد نان کسی که داد جان
He (the ass) replied, “That is (the result) of weak faith; else He who gave (us) life (also) gives (us) bread.
هر که جوید پادشاهی و ظفر کم نیاید لقمه‌ی نان ای پسر
Whoever seeks (spiritual) sovereignty and victory, a mouthful of bread will not fail (him), O son.
دام و دد جمله همه اکال رزق نه پی کسپ‌اند نه حمال رزق
All wild animals, both the herbivorous and the predatory, are devourers of the (Divine) provision: they neither go in quest of work (to get a livelihood) nor do they support (the burden of) providing (for themselves).
جمله را رزاق روزی می‌دهد قسمت هر یک به پیشش می‌نهد
The Provider gives their daily bread to all: He lays before each one the portion allotted to him.
رزق آید پیش هر که صبر جست رنج کوششها ز بی‌صبری تست
The (Divine) provision comes to every one who seeks (to show) patience: the trouble of making efforts arises from your want of patience.”




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