(God said), “I want

(God said), “I want (what is signified by the words) they believe in the unseen: on that account I have shut the window of the fleeting world يؤمنون بالغيب می‌‌باید مرا ز آن ببستم روزن فانی سرا

چون شکافم آسمان را در ظهور
چون بگویم هل تری فیها فطور
When (if) I cleave the sky manifestly, how should I say, ‘Dost thou see any clefts therein?’”
تا در این ظلمت تحری گسترند
هر کسی رو جانبی می‌‌آورند
In order that in this darkness they may spread (the carpet of) endeavour, they are turning, every one, their faces in some direction.
مدتی معکوس باشد کارها
شحنه را دزد آورد بر دارها
For awhile things are reversed: the thief brings the magistrate to the gallows,
تا که بس سلطان و عالی همتی
بنده‌‌ی بنده‌‌ی خود آید مدتی‌‌
So that many a sultan and man of lofty spirit becomes the slave of his own slave for awhile.
بندگی در غیب آید خوب و گش
حفظ غیب آید در استعباد خوش‌‌
Service (performed) in absence (through faith in the unseen) is fair and comely; when service is demanded (by God from us), ‘tis pleasing (to Him) that the absent should be remembered (that we should remember to perform what is due to Him, though He is unseen).
کو که مدح شاه گوید پیش او
تا که در غیبت بود او شرم رو
Where (in what position) is one that praises the king in his presence, compared with one that is shamefaced in absence (from him)?
قلعه داری کز کنار مملکت
دور از سلطان و سایه‌‌ی سلطنت‌‌
The governor of a fortress who, on the border of the kingdom, far from the sultan and the shadow (protection) of the sultanate,
پاس دارد قلعه را از دشمنان
قلعه نفروشد به مال بی‌‌کران‌‌
Guards the fortress from enemies and will not sell it for boundless riches,
غایب از شه در کنار ثغرها
همچو حاضر او نگه دارد وفا
Who, though absent from the king on the outskirt of the frontiers, keeps faith (with him) like one who is present
پیش شه او به بود از دیگران
که به خدمت حاضرند و جان فشان‌‌
He in the king’s sight is better than the rest who are serving in his presence and ready to devote their lives.
پس به غیبت نیم ذره‌‌ی حفظ کار
به که اندر حاضری ز آن صد هزار
Therefore half an atom of regard to one’s duty in absence is better than a hundred thousand fold observance thereof in presence.
طاعت و ایمان کنون محمود شد
بعد مرگ اندر عیان مردود شد
Obedience (to God) and faith are praiseworthy now; after death, when all is plainly shown, they will be spurned.
چون که غیب و غایب و رو پوش به
پس لبان بر بند لب خاموش به‌‌
“Inasmuch as the unseen and the absent and the veil are better, close thy lips, and the lip is better silent.
ای برادر دست وا دار از سخن
خود خدا پیدا کند علم لدن‌‌
O brother, refrain from speech: God himself will make manifest the knowledge that is with Him (in His possession).
بس بود خورشید را رویش گواه
أی شی‌‌ء أعظم الشاهد إله‌‌
Witness enough for the sun is its face: what thing is the greatest witness (of all)? God.”
نه بگویم چون قرین شد در بیان
هم خدا و هم ملک هم عالمان‌‌
“Nay, speak I will, since both God and the angels and the men of learning are allied in setting forth (this truth).
یشهد الله و الملک و اهل العلوم
إنه لا رب إلا من یدوم‌‌
God and the angels and those learned in the sciences (of divinity) bear witness that there is no Lord except Him who endureth for ever.”
چون گواهی داد حق که بود ملک
تا شود اندر گواهی مشترک‌‌
Since God hath given testimony, who are the angels, that they should be associated in the testimony?
ز آن که شعشاع حضور آفتاب
بر نتابد چشم و دلهای خراب‌‌
(They are associated) because unsound (weak) eyes and hearts cannot support the radiance and presence of the Sun,
چون خفاشی کاو تف خورشید را
بر نتابد بگسلد اومید را
Like a bat, which cannot bear the glow of the sun and abandons hope.
پس ملایک را چو ما هم یار دان
جلوه گر خورشید را بر آسمان‌‌
Know, then, that the angels, as we also, are helpers (co-witnesses) displayers of the sun in heaven
کاین ضیا ما ز آفتابی یافتیم
چون خلیفه بر ضعیفان تافتیم‌‌
Who say, “We have derived (our) light from a Sun, we have shone upon the weak, like vicegerents (of a mighty King).”
چون مه نو یا سه روزه یا که بدر
مرتبه‌‌ی هر یک ملک در نور و قدر
Like the new moon or the moon three days old or the full moon, every angel has (a particular) perfection and light and (spiritual) worth.
ز اجنحه‌‌ی نور ثلاث او رباع
بر مراتب هر ملک را آن شعاع‌‌
Every angel, according to their (different) degrees, has (a portion of) that radiance, consisting of three or four (pairs of) luminous wings,
همچو پرهای عقول انسیان
که بسی فرق است شان اندر میان‌‌
Just as the wings of human intellects, amongst which there is great difference (in quality).
پس قرین هر بشر در نیک و بد
آن ملک باشد که مانندش بود
Hence the associate of every human being in good and evil is that angel who resembles him or her.
چشم اعمش چون که خور را بر نتافت
اختر او را شمع شد تا ره بیافت‌‌
Since the eye of the dim-sighted man could not bear the sunlight, the star became a candle to him, that he might find the way.




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