The right way of taking a lesson

The right way of taking a lesson from this story and knowing with certainty that “verily, together with hardship there is ease.” وجه عبرت گرفتن ازین حکایت و یقین دانستن کی ان مع العسر یسرا

عبرتست آن قصه ای جان مر ترا تا که راضی باشی در حکم خدا
That tale is a lesson to thee, O my soul, to the end that thou mayst acquiesce in the decree of God;
تا که زیرک باشی و نیکوگمان چون ببینی واقعه‌ی بد ناگهان
So that thou wilt be quick to understand and wilt have good thoughts (of God) when thou seest a calamity (befall thee) of a sudden.
دیگران گردند زرد از بیم آن تو چو گل خندان گه سود و زیان
(While) others turn pale from dread of it, thou (wilt be) laughing in the hour of gain or loss, like the rose.
زانک گل گر برگ برگش می‌کنی خنده نگذارد نگردد منثنی
Because the rose, though thou tear it petal by petal, does not leave off laughing and does not become bent (with grief).
گوید از خاری چرا افتم بغم خنده را من خود ز خار آورده‌ام
“Why,” it says, “should I fall into grief on account of a thorn? Indeed I have brought laughter (into my possession) by means of the thorn.”
هرچه از تو یاوه گردد از قضا تو یقین دان که خریدت از بلا
Whatsoever by (Divine) destiny becomes lost to thee, know for sure that it has redeemed thee from affliction.
ما التصوف قال وجدان الفرح فی الفاد عند اتیان الترح
(Some one asked), “What is Súfism?” He (the Shaykh) said, “To feel joy in the heart at the coming of sorrow.”
آن عقابش را عقابی دان که او در ربود آن موزه را زان نیک‌خو
Regard His chastisement as the eagle which carried off the boot from that man of excellent disposition,
تا رهاند پاش را از زخم مار ای خنک عقلی که باشد بی غبار
That she might save his foot from the serpent’s bite. Oh, happy is the understanding that is undimmed.
گفت لا تاسوا علی ما فاتکم ان اتی السرحان واردی شاتکم
He (God) hath said, “Grieve not for that which escapeth you,” if the wolf come and destroy your sheep,
کان بلا دفع بلاهای بزرگ و آن زیان منع زیانهای سترگ
For that (God-sent) affliction keeps off great afflictions, and that loss prevents huge losses.




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