The remainder of the story of Zayd

The remainder of the story of Zayd (and what he said) in answer to the Prophet, on whom be peace بقیه‌‌ی قصه‌‌ی زید در جواب رسول علیه السلام‌‌

این سخن پایان ندارد خیز زید
بر براق ناطقه بر بند قید
This discourse hath no end. “Arise, O Zayd, and tie a shackle on the Buráq (steed) of thy rational spirit.
ناطقه چون فاضح آمد عیب را
می‌‌دراند پرده‌‌های غیب را
Since the rational spirit exposes faults, it is rending the curtains of concealment. 
غیب مطلوب حق آمد چند گاه
این دهل‌‌زن را بران بر بند راه‌‌
Concealment is desired by God for awhile. Drive away this drummer, bar the road!
تک مران در کش عنان مستور به
هر کس از پندار خود مسرور به‌‌
Do not gallop, draw rein, ’tis better it (the mystery) should be veiled; ’tis better that every one should be gladdened by his own fancy.
حق همی‌‌خواهد که نومیدان او
زین عبادت هم نگردانند رو
God is wishing that even His despairing ones should not avert their faces (refrain) from this worship (of Him).
هم به اومیدی مشرف می‌‌شوند
چند روزی در رکابش می‌‌دوند
Even on the ground of a hope they become ennobled: for a few days (a short time) they are running at its stirrup (following Divine worship).
خواهد آن رحمت بتابد بر همه
بر بد و نیک از عموم مرحمه‌‌
He wishes that that mercy should shine upon all, on the evil and the good, because of the universality of His mercy.
حق همی‌‌خواهد که هر میر و اسیر
با رجا و خوف باشند و حذیر
God is wishing that every prince and captive should be hopeful and fearful and afraid.
این رجا و خوف در پرده بود
تا پس این پرده پرورده شود
This hope and fear are in the veil (separating the seen from the unseen), that they may be fostered behind this veil.
چون دریدی پرده کو خوف و رجا
غیب را شد کر و فری بر ملا
When thou hast rent the veil, where are fear and hope? The might and majesty belonging to the Unseen are divulged.”
بر لب جو برد ظنی یک فتا
که سلیمان است ماهی‌‌گیر ما
A young man on the bank of a river thought (to himself), “Our fisherman (here) is Solomon.
گر وی است این از چه فرد است و خفی است
ور نه سیمای سلیمانیش چیست‌‌
(But) if this is he, why is he alone and disguised? And if not, why has he the aspect of Solomon?”
اندر این اندیشه می‌‌بود او دو دل
تا سلیمان گشت شاه و مستقل‌‌
Thus thinking, he remained in two minds until Solomon (once more) became king and absolute ruler.
دیو رفت از ملک و تخت او گریخت
تیغ بختش خون آن شیطان بریخت‌‌
The demon departed and fled from his (Solomon’s) kingdom and throne: the sword of his fortune shed that devil’s blood.
کرد در انگشت خود انگشتری
جمع آمد لشکر دیو و پری‌‌
He put the ring upon his finger, the hosts of demons and peris assembled.
آمدند از بهر نظاره رجال
در میانشان آن که بد صاحب خیال‌‌
The men came to look, amongst them he who had the fancy (that the fisherman was Solomon in disguise).
چون در انگشتش بدید انگشتری
رفت اندیشه و تحری یک سری‌‌
When he saw the ring on his finger, his perplexity and doubt vanished all at once.
وهم آن گاه است کان پوشیده است
این تحری از پی نادیده است‌‌
Imagination occurs (only) at the time when that (object of desire) is hidden: this searching is after the unseen.
شد خیال غایب اندر سینه زفت
چون که حاضر شد خیال او برفت‌‌
Whilst he was absent, fancy waxed strong in his breast: as soon as he was present, his fancy departed.
گر سمای نور بی‌‌باریده نیست
هم زمین تار بی‌‌بالیده نیست‌‌
If the radiant sky is not without rain, neither is the dark earth without vegetation.




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