How a dervish saw in dream

How a dervish saw in dream

How a dervish saw in dream a company of Shaykhs and begged for a daily portion of lawful food (which he should receive) without being occupied with earning (it) and being (thereby) incapacitated from devotional service; and how they directed him, and how the sour and bitter mountain-fruit became sweet to him through the bounty of those Shaykhs. دیدن درویش جماعت مشایخ را در خواب و درخواست کردن روزی حلال بی‌مشغول شدن به کسب و از عبادت ماندن و ارشاد ایشان او را و میوه‌های تلخ و ترش کوهی بر وی شیرین شدن به داد آن مشایخ

آن یکی درویش گفت اندر سمر
خضریان را من بدیدم خواب در
A certain dervish said in the night-talk, “I saw in dream those (saints who are) connected with Khizr.
گفتم ایشان را که روزی حلال
از کجا نوشم که نبود آن وبال
I said to them, ‘Whence shall I (get to) eat a daily portion of lawful food that is not pernicious?’
مر مرا سوی کهستان راندند
میوه‌ها زان بیشه می‌افشاندند
They took me along towards the mountainous country: they were shaking down the fruit from (the trees in) the forest,
که خدا شیرین بکرد آن میوه را
در دهان تو به همتهای ما
Saying, ‘God hath made the fruit (to taste) sweet in thy mouth because of our benedictions.
هین بخور پاک و حلال و بی‌حساب
بی صداع و نقل و بالا و نشیب
Come, eat (food that is) clean and lawful, and free of reckoning, without trouble and change of place and (going) up and down.’
پس مرا زان رزق نطقی رو نمود
ذوق گفت من خردها می‌ربود
Then from that daily provision there appeared in me a (gift of) speech: (the spiritual) savour of my words was transporting (the people’s) minds.
گفتم این فتنه‌ست ای رب جهان
بخششی ده از همه خلقان نهان
I said, ‘This is a temptation: O Lord of the world, bestow (on me) a gift hidden from all (Thy) creatures!’
شد سخن از من دل خوش یافتم
چون انار از ذوق می‌بشکافتم
Speech departed from (forsook) me; I gained a joyous heart: I was bursting with rapture, like the pomegranate;
گفتم ار چیزی نباشد در بهشت
غیر این شادی که دارم در سرشت
I said, ‘If there be naught in Paradise (for me) but this delight which I have within my nature,
هیچ نعمت آرزو ناید دگر
زین نپردازم به حور و نیشکر
No other blessing will be desired (by me): I will not be diverted from this (delight) by the houris and sugar-cane (of Paradise).’
مانده بود از کسب یک دو حبه‌ام
دوخته در آستین جبه‌ام
Of my (former) earnings one or two small pieces (of money) had remained with me, sewn in the sleeve of my jubba.




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