How the reckless lover entered

How the reckless lover entered Bukhárá, and how his friends deterred him from showing himself.در آمدن آن عاشق لاابالی در بخارا وتحذیر کردن دوستان او را از پیداشدن

اندر آمد در بخارا شادمان پیش معشوق خود و دارالامان
Joyously he entered Bukhárá near his beloved and (him who was) the abode of (his) security,
همچو آن مستی که پرد بر اثیر مه کنارش گیرد و گوید که گیر
Like the man intoxicated (with love) who (in imagination) flies to heaven: the Moon embraces him and says, “Embrace (me)!”
هرکه دیدش در بخارا گفت خیز پیش از پیدا شدن منشین گریز
Every one that saw him in Bukhárá said (to him), “Arise (and go) before showing thyself! Do not sit (still)! Flee!
که ترا می‌جوید آن شه خشمگین تا کشد از جان تو ده ساله کین
For that Prince is seeking thee in anger, that he may wreak a ten years’ vengeance on thy life.
الله الله درمیا در خون خویش تکیه کم کن بر دم و افسون خویش
By God, by God, do not plunge in thine own blood, do not rely on thy artful words and wiles.
شحنه‌ی صدر جهان بودی و راد معتمد بودی مهندس اوستاد
Thou wert the Sadr-i Jahán’s constable and a noble; thou wert the trusted (agent) and master-engineer (in his affairs).
غدو کردی وز جزا بگریختی رسته بودی باز چون آویختی
(Then) thou didst act treacherously and flee from punishment: thou hadst escaped: how hast thou let thyself be caught again?
از بلا بگریختی با صد حیل ابلهی آوردت اینجا یا اجل
With a hundred devices thou didst flee from tribulation: has folly brought thee hither or (thy) fate?
ای که عقلت بر عطارد دق کند عقل و عاقل را قضا احمق کند
O thou whose intellect jeers at Mercury (the celestial Scribe), Destiny makes a fool of intellect and the intelligent.
نحس خرگوشی که باشد شیرجو زیرکی و عقل و چالاکیت کو
Luckless is the hare that seeks (to encounter) the lion: where is thy cleverness and intelligence and quick-wittedness?
هست صد چندین فسونهای قضا گفت اذا جاء القضا ضاق الفضا
The wiles of Destiny are a hundred times as many (as thine): he (the Prophet) has said, ‘When Destiny comes, the wide field is straitened.’
صد ره و مخلص بود از چپ و راست از قضا بسته شود کو اژدهاست
There are a hundred ways and places of refuge on left and right, (but) they are barred by Destiny, for it is a dragon.”




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