How a peasant stroked a lion

How a peasant stroked a lion in the dark, because he thought it was his ox. خاریدن روستایی در تاریکی شیر را به گمان آن که گاو اوست

روستایی گاو در آخر ببست
شیر گاوش خورد و بر جایش نشست‏
A peasant tied an ox in the stable: a lion ate his ox and sat in its place.
روستایی شد در آخر سوی گاو
گاو را می‏جست شب آن کنج کاو
The peasant went into the stable to (see) the ox: the man, groping into corners, was seeking the ox at night.
دست می‏مالید بر اعضای شیر
پشت و پهلو گاه بالا گاه زیر
He was rubbing his hand on the limbs of the lion, back and side, now above, now below.
گفت شیر ار روشنی افزون شدی
زهره‏اش بدریدی و دل خون شدی‏
The lion said, “If the light were to become greater, his gall-bladder would burst and his heart would turn to blood.
این چنین گستاخ ز آن می‏خاردم
کاو درین شب گاو می‏پنداردم‏
He is stroking me like this so boldly because in this (dark) night he thinks I am the ox.”
حق همی‏گوید که ای مغرور کور
نه ز نامم پاره پاره گشت طور
God is saying, “O blind dupe, did not Túr (Sinai) fall in pieces at My Name?
که لو انزلنا کتابا للجبل
لانصدع ثم انقطع ثم ارتحل‏
For if We had sent down (revealed) a Book to the mountain, it would have been riven asunder, then cut to pieces, and then it would have departed (disappeared).
از من ار کوه احد واقف بدی
پاره گشتی و دلش پر خون شدی‏
If Mount Uhud had been acquainted with Me, it would have been shivered to pieces and its heart would have been filled with blood.”
از پدر وز مادر این بشنیده‏ای
لاجرم غافل در این پیچیده‏ای‏
You have heard this from your father and mother; in consequence you have embraced it thoughtlessly.
گر تو بی‏تقلید از این واقف شوی
بی‏نشان از لطف چون هاتف شوی‏
If you become acquainted with this without blind imitation, by (His) grace you will become immaterial, like a voice from Heaven.
بشنو این قصه پی تهدید را
تا بدانی آفت تقلید را
Hear this (following) story as a deterrent, in order that you may know the banefulness of blind imitation.




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