How a sightless beggar said

How a sightless beggar said

How a sightless beggar said, “I have two blindnesses.” گفتن نابینای سائل که دو کوری دارم‏

بود کوری کاو همی‏گفت الامان
من دو کوری دارم ای اهل زمان‏
There was a blind man who used to say, “Pity! I have two blindnesses, O people of the time.
پس دو باره رحمتم آرید هان
چون دو کوری دارم و من در میان‏
Therefore, hark ye, show unto me twice as much compassion, since I have two blindnesses, and I (live) between (them.)”
گفت یک کوریت می‏بینیم ما
آن دگر کوری چه باشد وانما
(Somebody) said, “We see one blindness of yours: what may the other blindness be? Explain.”
گفت زشت آوازم و ناخوش نوا
زشت آوازی و کوری شد دوتا
He answered, “I have an ugly voice and unpleasing tones: ugliness of voice and blindness are double (blindness).
بانگ زشتم مایه‏ی غم می‏شود
مهر خلق از بانگ من کم می‏شود
My ugly cry becomes the source of annoyance: the people’s love is lessened by my cry.
زشت آوازم به هر جا که رود
مایه‏ی خشم و غم و کین می‏شود
Whithersoever my ugly voice goes, it becomes the source of anger and annoyance and hatred.
بر دو کوری رحم را دوتا کنید
این چنین ناگنج را گنجا کنید
Double your compassion for (these) two blindnesses: make room (in your hearts) for one who gets so little room.”
زشتی آواز کم شد زین گله
خلق شد بر وی به رحمت یک دله‏
The ugliness of (his) voice was diminished by this plaint: the people became of one mind in (showing) compassion for him.
کرد نیکو چون بگفت او راز را
لطف آواز دلش آواز را
When he had told the secret (and explained his meaning), his voice was made beautiful by the graciousness of the voice of his heart;
و انکه آواز دلش هم بد بود
آن سه کوری دوری سرمد بود
But that one whose heart’s voice also is bad (for him) those three blindnesses are banishment everlasting (from the favour of God);
لیک وهابان که بی‏علت دهند
بو که دستی بر سر زشتش نهند
Yet it may be that the bounteous (saints), who give without cause, will lay a hand (of blessing) upon his ugly head.
چون که آوازش خوش و مظلوم شد
زو دل سنگین دلان چون موم شد
Since his (the blind beggar’s) voice became sweet and pitiable, the hearts of the stony-hearted were made (soft) as wax thereby.
ناله‏ی کافر چو زشت است و شهیق
ز آن نمی‏گردد اجابت را رفیق‏
Inasmuch as the infidel’s lament is ugly and (like) braying, for that (reason) it meets with no (favourable) response.
اخسؤا بر زشت آواز آمده ست
کاو ز خون خلق چون سگ بود مست‏
“Be silent” has come down (has been revealed in the Qur’án) against the ugly-voiced (infidel), for he was drunken with the people’s blood, like a dog.
چون که ناله‏ی خرس رحمت کش بود
ناله‏ات نبود چنین ناخوش بود
Inasmuch as the lament of the bear attracts compassion, (while) your lament is not like this, (but) is unpleasing,
دان که با یوسف تو گرگی کرده‏ای
یا ز خون بی‏گناهی خورده‏ای‏
Know that you have behaved with wolfishness to (a) Joseph, or have drunk of the blood of an innocent.
توبه کن و ز خورده استفراغ کن
ور جراحت کهنه شد رو داغ کن‏
Repent, and empty yourself of what you have drunk; and if your wound is old (and unhealed), go, cauterise (it).




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