How Pharaoh threatened Moses

How Pharaoh threatened Moses, on whom be peace. تهدید کردن فرعون موسی را علیه السلام

گفت فرعونش چرا تو ای کلیم خلق را کشتی و افکندی تو بیم
Pharaoh said to him, “Why didst thou, O Kalím, kill the people and cause fear to fall (on them)?
در هزیمت از تو افتادند خلق در هزیمت کشته شد مردم ز زلق
The people were put to flight and rout by thee; in the rout the folk were killed through slipping (and being crushed to death).
لاجرم مردم ترا دشمن گرفت کین تو در سینه مرد و زن گرفت
Necessarily, the folk have come to regard thee as their enemy; (both) men and women have conceived hatred of thee in their breasts.
خلق را می‌خواندی بر عکس شد از خلافت مردمان را نیست بد
Thou wert calling the people to (follow) thee, (but) it has turned out contrariwise: the folk cannot but resist thee.
من هم از شرت اگر پس می‌خزم در مکافات تو دیگی می‌پزم
I too, though I am creeping (shrinking) back from thy malice, am concocting a plan to requite thee.
دل ازین بر کن که بفریبی مرا یا بجز فی پس‌روی گردد ترا
Put away from thine heart the thought that thou wilt deceive me or that thou wilt get any follower but thy shadow.
تو بدان غره مشو کش ساختی در دل خلقان هراس انداختی
Be not deluded by that which thou hast contrived: thou hast (only) cast terror into the hearts of the people.
صد چنین آری و هم رسوا شوی خوار گردی ضحکه‌ی غوغا شوی
Thou mayst bring (forward) a hundred such (devices), and thou wilt be exposed in the same way; thou wilt become despicable and the laughing-stock of the mob.
همچو تو سالوس بسیاران بدند عاقبت در مصر ما رسوا شدند
Many have been impostors like thee, (but) in our Egypt they have been brought to disgrace in the end.”




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