How ‘Azrá‘íl (Azrael) looked at a certain man

How ‘Azrá‘íl (Azrael) looked at a certain man, and how that man fled to the palace of Solomon; and setting forth the superiority of trust in God to exertion and the uselessness of the latter نگریستن عزراییل بر مردی

زاد مردی چاشتگاهی در رسید
در سرا عدل سلیمان در دوید
One forenoon a freeborn (noble) man arrived and ran into Solomon’s hall of justice,
رویش از غم زرد و هر دو لب کبود
پس سلیمان گفت ای خواجه چه بود
His countenance pale with anguish and both lips blue. Then Solomon said, “Good sir, what is the matter?”
گفت عزراییل در من این چنین
یک نظر انداخت پر از خشم و کین‌‌
He replied, “Azrael cast on me such a look, so full of wrath and hate.”
گفت هین اکنون چه می‌‌خواهی بخواه
گفت فرما باد را ای جان پناه‌‌
“Come,” said the king, “what (boon) do you desire now? Ask (it)!” “O protector of my life,” said he, “command the wind,
تا مرا ز ینجا به هندستان برد
بو که بنده کان طرف شد جان برد
To bear me from here to India. Maybe, when thy slave is come thither he will save his life.”
نک ز درویشی گریزانند خلق
لقمه‌‌ی حرص و امل ز آنند خلق‌‌
Lo, the people are fleeing from poverty: hence are they a mouthful for (a prey to) covetousness and expectation.
ترس درویشی مثال آن هراس
حرص و کوشش را تو هندستان شناس‌‌
The fear of poverty is like that (man’s) terror: know thou that covetousness and striving are (like) India (in this tale).
باد را فرمود تا او را شتاب
برد سوی قعر هندستان بر آب‌‌
He (Solomon) commanded the wind to bear him quickly over the water to the uttermost part of India.
روز دیگر وقت دیوان و لقا
پس سلیمان گفت عزراییل را
Next day, at the time of conference and meeting, Solomon said to Azrael:
کان مسلمان را بخشم از چه چنان
بنگریدی تا شد آواره ز خان‌‌
“Didst thou look with anger on that Moslem in order that he might wander (as an exile) far from his home?”
گفت من از خشم کی کردم نظر
از تعجب دیدمش در رهگذر
Azrael said, “When did I look (on him) angrily? I saw him as I passed by, (and looked at him) in astonishment,
که مرا فرمود حق که امروز هان
جان او را تو به هندستان ستان‌‌
For God had commanded me, saying, ‘Hark, to-day do thou take his spirit in India.’
از عجب گفتم گر او را صد پر است
او به هندستان شدن دور اندر است‌‌
From wonder I said (to myself), ‘(Even) if he has a hundred wings, ’tis a far journey for him to be in India (to-day).’”
تو همه کار جهان را همچنین
کن قیاس و چشم بگشا و ببین‌‌
In like manner judge of all the affairs of this world and open your eye and see!
از که بگریزیم از خود ای محال
از که برباییم از حق ای وبال‌‌
From whom shall we flee? From ourselves? Oh, absurdity! From whom shall we take (ourselves) away? From God? Oh, crime!




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