The means of preventing

The means of preventing one’s self from being swindled in sale and purchase. حیله دفع مغبون شدن در بیع و شرا

sale and purchase.
آن یکی یاری پیمبر را بگفت که منم در بیعها با غبن جفت
A certain friend said to the Prophet, “I am always being swindled in commerce.
مکر هر کس کو فروشد یا خرد همچو سحرست و ز راهم می‌برد
The deceit of every one who sells or buys is like magic and leads me off the track.”
گفت در بیعی که ترسی از غرار شرط کن سه روز خود را اختیار
He (the Prophet) said, “When thou art afraid of being duped in a commercial transaction, stipulate (that thou shalt have) for thyself three days (in which) to choose,
که تانی هست از رحمان یقین هست تعجیلت ز شیطان لعین
For deliberation is assuredly from the Merciful (God); thy haste is from the accursed Devil.”
پیش سگ چون لقمه نان افکنی بو کند آنگه خورد ای معتنی
When you throw a morsel of bread to a dog, he (first) smells, then he eats, O careful one.
او ببینی بو کند ما با خرد هم ببوییمش به عقل منتقد
He smells with the nose, we too (who are endowed) with wisdom smell it (the object submitted to us) with the purified intelligence.
با تانی گشت موجود از خدا تابه شش روز این زمین و چرخها
This earth and the (heavenly) spheres were brought into existence by God with deliberation (extending) to six days;
ورنه قادر بود کو کن فیکون صد زمین و چرخ آوردی برون
Otherwise, He was able—“Be, and it is” to bring forth a hundred earths and heavens (from non-existence).
آدمی را اندک اندک آن همام تا چهل سالش کند مرد تمام
Little by little till forty years (of age) that Potentate makes the human being a complete man,
گرچه قادر بود کاندر یک نفس از عدم پران کند پنجاه کس
Although He was able in a single moment to set flying (raise up) fifty persons from non-existence.
عیسی قادر بود کو از یک دعا بی توقف بر جهاند مرده را
Jesus by means of one prayer was able to make the dead spring up (to life) without delay:
خالق عیسی بنتواند که او بی توقف مردم آرد تو بتو
Is the Creator of Jesus unable, without delay, to bring (full-grown) men in manifold succession (into existence)?
این تانی از پی تعلیم تست که طلب آهسته باید بی سکست
This deliberation is for the purpose of teaching you that you must seek (God) slowly without (any) break.
جو یکی کوچک که دایم می‌رود نه نجس گردد نه گنده می‌شود
A little rivulet which is moving continually does not become defiled or grow fetid.
زین تانی زاید اقبال و سرور این تانی بیضه دولت چون طیور
From this deliberation are born felicity and joy: this deliberation is the egg, fortune is like the birds (hatched from the egg).
مرغ کی ماند به بیضه‌ای عنید گرچه از بیضه همی آید پدید
How should the bird resemble the egg, O obstinate one, though it is produced from the egg?
باش تا اجزای تو چون بیضه‌ها مرغها زایند اندر انتها
Wait till your limbs, like eggs, hatch birds ultimately (at the Resurrection)!
بیضه‌ی مار ارچه ماند در شبه بیضه گنجشک را دورست ره
Though the serpent’s egg resembles the sparrow’s egg in (outward) likeness, the distance (between them) is far.
دانه‌ی آبی به دانه سیب نیز گرچه ماند فرقها دان ای عزیز
Again, though the seed of the quince resembles the seed of the apple, recognise the differences, O honoured (sir).
برگها هم‌رنگ باشد در نظر میوه‌ها هر یک بود نوعی دگر
Leaves are of the same colour to look at, (but) fruits, every one, are of a diverse sort.
برگهای جسمها ماننده‌اند لیک هر جانی بریعی زنده‌اند
The leaves, (namely) the bodies, are similar, but every soul lives with a (different) produce (which it yields).
خلق در بازار یکسان می‌روند آن یکی در ذوق و دیگر دردمند
In the bazaar the people go (about their business) all alike, (but) one is in glee and another sorrowful.
همچنان در مرگ یکسان می‌رویم نیم در خسران و نیمی خسرویم
Even so in death: we go all alike, (but) half of us are losers and (the other) half are (fortunate as) emperors.




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