How Iblís awakened Mu‘áwiya

How Iblís awakened Mu‘áwiya may God be well-pleased with him! saying, “Arise, it is time for prayer.”بیدار کردن ابلیس معاویه را که خیز وقت نماز است‏

در خبر آمد که آن معاویه
خفته بد در قصر در یک زاویه‏
’Tis related in Tradition that Mu‘áwiya was asleep in a nook of the palace.
قصر را از اندرون در بسته بود
کز زیارتهای مردم خسته بود
The palace-door was fastened from the inside, for he was fatigued by people’s visits.
ناگهان مردی و را بیدار کرد
چشم چون بگشاد پنهان گشت مرد
Suddenly he was awakened by a man, (but) when he opened his eyes the man vanished.
گفت اندر قصر کس را ره نبود
کیست کاین گستاخی و جرات نمود
He said (to himself), “No one had entrance to the palace: who is he that has shown such impudence and boldness?”
گرد برگشت و طلب کرد آن زمان
تا بیابد ز آن نهان گشته نشان‏
Then he went round and searched in order to find the trace of that one who had become hidden (from sight).
از پس در مدبری را دید کاو
در در و پرده نهان می‏کرد رو
Behind the door he espied a luckless man who was hiding his face in the door and the curtain.
گفت هی تو کیستی نام تو چیست
گفت نامم فاش ابلیس شقی است‏
“Hey,” he cried, “who are you? What is your name?” “(To speak) plainly,” said he, “my name is Iblís the damned.”
گفت بیدارم چرا کردی به جد
راست گو با من مگو بر عکس و ضد
He (Mu‘áwiya) asked, “Why did you take pains to awaken me? Tell the truth, don’t tell me what is reverse and contrary (to the fact).”


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