How the news of this treasure became known

How the news of this treasure became known and reached the ears of the king. فاش شدن خبر این گنج و رسیدن به گوش پادشاه

پس خبر کردند سلطان را ازین آن گروهی که بدند اندر کمین
Then the party (of informers) who lay in ambush gave information of this to the king,
عرضه کردند آن سخن را زیردست که فلانی گنج‌نامه یافتست
And submitted the matter (to him) secretly, saying that such-and-such an one had found a treasure-scroll.
چون شنید این شخص کین با شه رسید جز که تسلیم و رضا چاره ندید
When this person (the fakir) heard that it had come to (the knowledge of) the king, he saw no remedy but resignation and acquiescence;
پیش از آنک اشکنجه بیند زان قباد رقعه را آن شخص پیش او نهاد
(So), ere he should suffer (torture on) the rack by order of the Emperor, that person laid the note (of the treasure) before him,
گفت تا این رقعه را یابیده‌ام گنج نه و رنج بی‌حد دیده‌ام
Saying, “(Ever) since I found this scroll, I have seen no treasure but (only) infinite trouble.
خود نشد یک حبه از گنج آشکار لیک پیچیدم بسی من هم‌چو مار
Not even a single mite of treasure has been discovered, but I have writhed very much, like a snake.
مدت ماهی چنینم تلخ‌کام که زیان و سود این بر من حرام
During a (whole) month I have been in bitter distress like this, for loss or gain (accruing) from this (treasure-scroll) is forbidden to me.
بوک بختت بر کند زین کان غطا ای شه پیروزجنگ و دزگشا
Maybe thy fortune will disclose (to thee) this mine (of riches), O king (who art) victorious in war and the conqueror of fortresses.”
مدت شش ماه و افزون پادشاه تیر می‌انداخت و برمی‌کند چاه
For six long months and more the king shot arrows and dug pits (where the arrows fell).
هرکجا سخته کمانی بود چست تیر داد انداخت و هر سو گنج جست
Wherever an energetic drawer of the strongbow was (to be found), he (the king) gave (him) arrows to shoot and searched for the treasure in every direction.
غیر تشویش و غم و طامات نی هم‌چو عنقا نام فاش و ذات نی
(The result was) nothing but vexation and grief and futilities: as (in the case of) the ‘Anqá, the name (of the treasure) was known to all, but the essence (reality) was non-existent.




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