How the Prophet, God bless

How the Prophet, God bless and save him, gave injunctions to the sick man and taught him to pray. وصیت کردن پیغامبر صلی الله علیه و آله مر آن بیمار را و دعا آموزانیدنش‏

گفت پیغمبر مر آن بیمار را
این بگو کای سهل کن دشوار را
The Prophet said to the sick man: “Say thus: ‘O Thou that makest easy that which is hard,
آتنا فی دار دنیانا حسن
آتنا فی دار عقبانا حسن‏
Give good unto us in our present abode, and give good unto us in our future abode!
راه را بر ما چو بستان کن لطیف
منزل ما خود تو باشی ای شریف‏
Make the way agreeable to us as a garden: Thou indeed, O Glorious One, art our goal.’”
مومنان در حشر گویند ای ملک
نی که دوزخ بود راه مشترک‏
At the Gathering (for Judgement) the true believers will say, “O angel, is it not (the case) that Hell is the common road,
مومن و کافر بر او یابد گذار
ما ندیدیم اندر این ره دود و نار
(And that) true believer and infidel (alike) pass by it? We saw no smoke or fire in this road (which we have traversed).
نک بهشت و بارگاه ایمنی
پس کجا بود آن گذرگاه دنی‏
Lo, here is Paradise and the Court of safety: where, then, was that vile place of passage? ”
پس ملک گوید که آن روضه‏ی خضر
که فلان جا دیده‏اید اندر گذر
Then the angel will say, “The garden of greenery which ye saw in a certain spot as ye passed.
دوزخ آن بود و سیاستگاه سخت
بر شما شد باغ و بستان و درخت‏
That was Hell and the terrible place of chastisement, (but) unto you it became gardens and pleasaunces and trees.
چون شما این نفس دوزخ خوی را
آتشی گبر فتنه جوی را
Inasmuch as with this soul of hellish nature, (this) miscreant fiery one that seeks (to lead you into) temptation,
جهدها کردید و او شد پر صفا
نار را کشتید از بهر خدا
Ye have striven (oft), and it hath become full of purity, and ye have quenched the fire (thereof) for God’s sake;
آتش شهوت که شعله می‏زدی
سبزه‏ی تقوی شد و نور هدی‏
(Inasmuch as) the fire of lust, which was flaming, hath become the verdure of piety and the light of guidance (unto the true faith);
آتش خشم از شما هم حلم شد
ظلمت جهل از شما هم علم شد
(Inasmuch as) at once the fire of anger in you hath turned to forbearance, and the darkness of ignorance in you hath turned to knowledge;
آتش حرص از شما ایثار شد
و آن حسد چون خار بد گلزار شد
(Inasmuch as) the fire of greed in you hath turned to unselfishness, and that envy (which) was like thorns hath turned to roses;
چون شما این جمله آتشهای خویش
بهر حق کشتید جمله پیش پیش‏
Inasmuch as ye formerly extinguished all these fires of your own for God’s sake;
نفس ناری را چو باغی ساختید
اندر او تخم وفا انداختید
And made the fiery soul like an orchard and cast in it the seed of fealty,
بلبلان ذکر و تسبیح اندر او
خوش سرایان در چمن بر طرف جو
(Whilst) therein the nightingales of commemoration and glorification of God (were) singing sweetly in the garden by the river-side;
داعی حق را اجابت کرده‏اید
در جحیم نفس آب آورده‏اید
(Inasmuch as) ye have answered the Caller (who is) God and have brought water into the blazing hell of your soul.
دوزخ ما نیز در حق شما
سبزه گشت و گلشن و برگ و نوا
Our Hell also in regard to you hath become greenery and roses and plenty and riches.”
چیست احسان را مکافات ای پسر
لطف و احسان و ثواب معتبر
What is the requital for well-doing, O son? Kindness and well-doing and valued recompense.
نی شما گفتید ما قربانی‏ایم
پیش اوصاف بقا ما فانی‏ایم‏
“Did not ye say, ‘We are devoted (to God) – we are passing away before the attributes of Everlastingness?
ما اگر قلاش و گر دیوانه‏ایم
مست آن ساقی و آن پیمانه‏ایم‏
We, whether we be cunning (sane) or mad, are intoxicated with that Cupbearer and that cup.
بر خط و فرمان او سر می‏نهیم
جان شیرین را گروگان می‏دهیم‏
We lay our heads (submissively) upon His writ and mandate; we give our sweet lives in pawn (to Him).
تا خیال دوست در اسرار ماست
چاکری و جان سپاری کار ماست‏
So long as the thought of the Friend is in our inmost hearts, (all) our work is to serve (Him) and yield up our lives.’”
هر کجا شمع بلا افروختند
صد هزاران جان عاشق سوختند
Wheresoever the candle of tribulation hath been lighted, hundreds of thousands of loving souls are burnt.
عاشقانی کز درون خانه‏اند
شمع روی یار را پروانه‏اند
Those lovers that are within the house (and nigh unto Him) are (as) moths to the candle of the face of the Friend.
ای دل آن جا رو که با تو روشن‏اند
وز بلاها مر ترا چون جوشن‏اند
O heart, go where they are bright toward thee and are as a coat of mail to thee against afflictions,
ز آن میان جان ترا جا می‏کنند
تا ترا پر باده چون جامی کنند
And give thee a place within their souls, that they may fill thee with wine, like a cup.
در میان جان ایشان خانه گیر
در فلک خانه کن ای بدر منیر
Take thy abode within their souls: O radiant full-moon, make thy home in the sky!
چون عطارد دفتر دل واکنند
تا که بر تو سرها پیدا کنند
Like Mercury, they will open the book of the heart, that they may reveal mysteries unto thee.
پیش خویشان باش چون آواره‏ای
بر مه کامل زن ار مه پاره‏ای‏
Stay beside thy kinsfolk how art thou roaming abroad? Cleave to the perfect Moon if thou art a piece of the moon.
جزو را از کل خود پرهیز چیست
با مخالف این همه آمیز چیست‏
What is the (cause of the) part’s keeping aloof from its whole? What is (the cause of) all this mixture with (that which is) diverse?
جنس را بین نوع گشته در روش
غیبها بین گشته عین از پرتوش‏
Behold how the genus hath become species in the process (of differentiation): behold how the unseen things have become visible in (their) escape (from occultation).
تا چون زن عشوه خری ای بی‏خرد
از دروغ و عشوه کی یابی مدد
So long as thou wouldst fain be wheedled like a woman, O man without wisdom, (thou wilt remain imperfect): how wilt thou be helped by lies and wheedling?
چاپلوس و لفظ شیرین و فریب
می‏ستانی می‏نهی چون زر به جیب‏
Thou art taking flattery and sweet words and cajolement and putting them, like a woman, in thy bosom.
مر ترا دشنام و سیلی شهان
بهتر آید از ثنای گمرهان‏
For thee the revilings and blows of the (spiritual) kings would be better than the praise of the unrighteous.
صفع شاهان خور مخور شهد خسان
تا کسی گردی ز اقبال کسان‏
Swallow the slaps of the (spiritual) kings, do not swallow the honey of the rabble, to the end that through the fortune of (those) personages thou mayst (thyself) become a personage;
ز آنک از ایشان خلعت و دولت رسد
در پناه روح جان گردد جسد
Because from them come felicity and robes of honour and felicity: under the shelter of the spirit, body becomes soul.
هر کجا بینی برهنه و بی‏نوا
دان که او بگریخته ست از اوستا
Wherever thou seest one (that is) naked and destitute, know that he hath fled from the (spiritual) master,
تا چنان گردد که می‏خواهد دلش
آن دل کور بد بی‏حاصلش‏
In order that he may become such as his heart desires that blind, wicked, worthless heart of him.
گر چنان گشتی که استا خواستی
خویش را و خویش را آراستی‏
If he had become such as his master desired, he would have graced himself and his kindred.
هر که از استا گریزد در جهان
او ز دولت می‏گریزد این بدان‏
Whoever in the world flees from his master is fleeing from felicity. Know this (for sure)! 
پیشه‏ای آموختی در کسب تن
چنگ اندر پیشه‏ی دینی بزن‏
Thou hast learned a trade to earn a livelihood for the body: (now) set thy hand to a religious (spiritual) trade.
در جهان پوشیده گشتی و غنی
چون برون آیی از اینجا چون کنی‏
In this world thou hast become clothed and rich: when thou comest forth from here, how wilt thou do?
پیشه‏ای آموز کاندر آخرت
اندر آید دخل کسب مغفرت‏
Learn such a trade that hereafter the earning of God’s forgiveness may come in as revenue (to thee).
آن جهان شهری است پر بازار و کسب
تا نپنداری که کسب اینجاست حسب‏
Yonder world is a city full of trafficking and earning: think not that the earnings here (in this world) are a sufficiency.
حق تعالی گفت کاین کسب جهان
پیش آن کسب است لعب کودکان‏
The high God hath said that beside those (the next world’s) earnings these earnings in the (present) world are (but) children’s play.
همچو آن طفلی که بر طفلی تند
شکل صحبت کن مساسی می‏کند
As a child that embraces another child modo coitum facientis contactum facit; [As a child that embraces another child touches (the other) like an (adult) copulater.]
کودکان سازند در بازی دکان
سود نبود جز که تعبیر زبان‏
(Or as) children at play set up a shop, (but) it is of no use (to them) except as a pastime.
شب شود در خانه آید گرسنه
کودکان رفته بمانده یک تنه‏
Night falls, and he (the child who acted as shopkeeper comes home hungry: the (other) children are gone, and he is let alone.
این جهان بازی‏گه است و مرگ شب
باز گردی کیسه خالی پر تعب‏
This world is a playground, and death is the night: thou returnest with an empty purse, tired out.
کسب دین عشق است و جذب اندرون
قابلیت نور حق دان ای حرون‏
The earnings of religion are love and inward rapture capacity to receive the Light of God, O thou obstinate one!
کسب فانی خواهدت این نفس خس
چند کسب خس کنی بگذار بس‏
This vile fleshly soul desires thee to earn that which passeth away: how long wilt thou earn what is vile? Let it go! Enough!
نفس خس گر جویدت کسب شریف
حیله و مکری بود آن را ردیف‏
If the vile fleshly soul desire thee to earn what is noble, there is some trick and plot behind it.




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