How Iblís told truly his hidden

How Iblís told truly his hidden thought to Mu‘áwiya may God be well-pleased with him! راست گفتن ابلیس ضمیر خود را به معاویه‏

گفت بسیار آن بلیس از مکر و غدر
میر از او نشنید کرد استیز و صبر
Iblís spoke many words of deceit and treachery, (but) the Amír hearkened not to him and strove (against him) and showed fortitude.
از بن دندان بگفتش بهر آن
کردمت بیدار می‏دان ای فلان‏
(At length), with the bitterest pangs he (Iblís) said: “O such-and-such, know that I awakened you for the purpose
تا رسی اندر جماعت در نماز
از پی پیغمبر دولت فراز
That you might join the congregation (of Moslems) in praying after the Prophet of high estate.
گر نماز از وقت رفتی مر ترا
این جهان تاریک گشتی بی‏ضیا
If the time of prayers had passed, this world would have become dark to you and without a gleam of light;
از غبین و درد رفتی اشکها
از دو چشم تو مثال مشکها
(And then) from disappointment and grief tears would have flowed from your two eyes in the fashion of (water from) water-skins,
ذوق دارد هر کسی در طاعتی
لاجرم نشکیبد از وی ساعتی‏
(Because) every one has delight in some act of devotion and consequently cannot bear to miss it (even) for a short while.
آن غبین و درد بودی صد نماز
کو نماز و کو فروغ آن نیاز
That disappointment and grief would have been (as) a hundred prayers: what is (ritual) prayer in comparison with the (spiritual) glow of humble supplication?”




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